The Gaige Archives


September 23, 2023
Chess History

Chess Journalists of America is pleased to announce that the archives of the late Jeremy Gaige are now available to the public and easily accessible from the CJA website.

Jeremy Gaige was one of the foremost chess archivists in the United States, composing and assembling a huge number of chess biographies and tournament records during more than three decades of devoted archival work. Among other things, he amassed biographical information for more than 14,000 chess players in his Chess Personalia: A Biobibliography, published by MacFarland in 1987. His efforts were so well acclaimed that he was inducted into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame in 2007.

Reserchers will find these archives especially interesting because they contain numerous additions and revisions to the data in Gaige’s publications, including Chess Personalia, that were not incorporated into later editions and therefore have never before been made available to the public. These archives also include a number of monographs which were privately circulated among chess historians by Gaige due to his inablity to find publishers for most of his work and thus were not as widely available as some of his other publications.

We are pleased to make his work available to the public in partnership with Jon Edwards and Andy Ansel. The two of them spent countless hours scanning materials and preparing these archives for publication. They are offering these archives to be freely shared and used by the public for non-commerical purposes. Commerical inquries should be sent to Jon Edwards.

To learn more about the archives and explore the wealth of material they contain, please visit our dedicated page about the Gaige archives. For more archives and historical materials, please visit our history and research page.