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The Chess Journalists of America (CJA) was created to help promote and encourage chess writing and communication in its myriad of forms. Founded in 1972 as the Association of United States Chess Journalists, the idea was to help individual state publications, as well as US Chess (then the United States Chess Federation – USCF), work together better and learn from each other.

While we are primarily interested in the use of the written word to express chess ideas (which can vary from educational pieces to a record of events of the day), we now also try to be aware of communication via diagrams, pictures, and video. The Chess Journalists of America Awards program that we have been running since the late 1970s continues that tradition, and also now reflects the multitude of media options in the internet and social media age.

Though mostly known for the awards, the CJA also has a variety of other foci. We work towards the preservation of our history through journals and the “US Chess: A Living History”: an oral history project designed to capture the recollections of those who have been heavily involved in US Chess at the national level as well as those who have been key on the regional level. Through our journal, The Chess Journalist, we strive to encourage authors to share their interests and thoughts in articles that inform, inspire, and educate others about not only the game of chess, but the world in which it exists.

As an organization comprised entirely of volunteers, we are always looking for people who are interested in giving back to the chess community through judging, writing, historical research, or via any of numerous other options. Simply contact Joshua Anderson via email if you have an idea for an article or would like to get started with research or judging. We’d love to have you!

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