History & Research


Jeremy Gaige was one of the foremost chess archivists in the United States, composing and assembling a huge number of chess biographies and tournament records during more than three decades of devoted archival work. We are pleased to make his work available to the public in partnership with Jon Edwards and Andy Ansel. You can discover more about the archive and access it by clicking here.

For longer than most chess players can remember, Chess Jounralists of America has held an annual awards program to recongize excellence in chess jounralism and encorurge new contributions to this important field. We memorize our past award winners in our awards archives, which are easily accessible by clicking here.

Chess Journalists of America is pleased to make available the archive of its longrunning magazine, the Chess Journalist, including more than one hundred issues the oldest of which date back to 1977. Explore our literary heritage today by clicking here.

The membership of Chess Journalists of America meets every year in conjunction with the U.S. Open. Minutes of these meetings show how CJA has changed over time and provide an invaluable resource to understanding the history of this organization. With annual meeting minutes for most years from 1977 through the 1980s and again from 2017 forward, learn more today by clicking here.