CJA Award Categories

Each year the CJA recognizes outstanding achievements in American chess journalism. Our award categories are listed below – click to view the subcategories for each listing. Please note that, while junior categories are only open to journalists under the age of 21, juniors are welcome to enter any of the other categories as well.

Top Three Awards

• Chess Journalist of the Year

• Best Story of the Year

• Best Column

Book Awards

• Best Book of the Year Overall

• Best Book – Instructional

• Best Book – Other

• Best Self-Published Book

Visual Arts Awards

• Best Photojournalism Article

• Best Single Chess Photo

• Best Art

• Best Single Chess Magazine Cover

• Best Cartoon


* Note: Open to publications only

• Best Regular Newspaper Column

• Best Single Article of Local Interest

• Best Feature Article

• Best Interview

• Best Tournament Report – National/International

• Best Tournament Report – State/Local

• Best Club Newsletter

• Best Instruction Lesson

• Best Review

• Best Analysis

• Best Historical Article

• Best Humorous Contribution

• Best Personal Narrative

Online & Social Media Awards

• Best Interview

• Best Feature Article

• Best Podcast

• Best Single Podcast Episode

• Best Tournament Report – National/International

• Best Club Newsletter

• Best Instruction Lesson

• Best Analysis

• Best Humorous Contribution

• Best Historical Article

• Best Personal Narrative

• Best Overall Chess Website

• Best Overall Website – Small Organization (groups of less than 500)

• Best Blog

• Best Educational Lesson

• Best Online Review

• Best Non-Instructive Chess Video

• Best Twitter Feed

• Best Twitch Channel

• Best Instagram Feed

• Best Documentary

• Best Tournament/Match Coverage (This may be a series of videos)

• Best Coverage by Mainstream Publication (Free entry!)

JUNIOR AWARDS (under 21)

*Note: Juniors are welcome to enter non-junior categories, too.

• Best Print Article by a Junior

• Best Online Article by a Junior

• Best Personal Narrative by a Junior


This award is open to anyone who has achieved something exceptional and unique in the realm of chess journalism.


The Cramer Awards recognizes the highest level of achievement in chess journalism at the state level. Categories are:

•Best State Championship Report

•Best Scholastic Coverage in State (may be multiple articles)

•Best Overall State Website

•Best State Magazine/Newsletter – Print

•Best State Magazine/Newsletter – Online

•Best Personal Narrative