2024 CJA Awards

      The 2024 Chess Journalists of America Awards begin May 1st and run through the U. S. Open meeting on August 1st.  

      The CJA Awards recognize the best in all facets of chess journalism, both print and online. The best chess articles, columns, photojournalism, layout, and online writing are honored within their respective categories. Recognized annually by their peers, the public, and members of CJA, the prestigious awards showcase American works published in English between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024.   Awards may be submitted through June 23rd.

       CJA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the study and knowledge of chess as a journalistic and scholarly endeavor.  Membership is open to everyone at an annual membership fee of $10.  Award winners receive online certificates that can be printed and acknowledged in CJA’s magazine, The Chess Journalist, as well as on the CJA website and social media. CJA’s annual awards are open to anyone. There is an entry fee of $15 for the first entry, which includes membership or renewal to CJA, and an $8 fee for each subsequent entry (unless otherwise noted). State organizations may enter three entries in the Cramer Awards for free. 

     If you have any questions or are interested in judging, please contact Chief Judge Joshua Anderson at joshuamiltonanderson at  Upload entries at: UPLOAD ENTRIES – Chess Journalists of America (