2013 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CJA Award Winners!

Joshua Anderson, CJA Awards Committee Chairman & Chief Judge, has provided the following list of awards for the 2013 competition for best chess journalism, as announced at the annual CJA meeting on 2 August 2013.

Prize List for 2013 CJA Awards

   Chess Journalist of the Year — Winner: Jamaal Abdul-Alim, nominated by Chess Life      
   Best Story of the Year — Winner: The Resolute GM by Macauley Peterson, April 2013 Chess Life, nominated by Chess Life      
   Best Chess Column — Winner: My Best Move by GM Joel Benjamin, August 2012 Chess Life, nominated by Chess Life      
   Best State Magazine/Newsletter — Winner: Georgia Chess, edited by Mark N. Taylor      
   Best Book (paper-printed only) — Winner: Amateur to IM by Jonathan Hawkins, nominated by Mongoose Press      

   Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout — Winner: Georgia Chess #3, nominated by Mark Taylor      
                              (Honorable Mention: Dan Lucas and Frankie Butler, August 2012 Chess Life, nominated by Chess Life)      
   Best Chess Photojournalism — Winner: November 2012 — Front Cover, photo by Mark Schenkel, nominated by Chess Life      
   Best Chess Art — Winner: Rhino Chess by Frankie Butler, April 2013 Chess Life      
                              (Honorable Mention: Georgia Chess Cover — September 2012, photo by GCA President Fun Fong)      

   Best Regular Newspaper Column — Winner: The Altamont Enterprise chess column by Peter Henner)    
                              (Honorable Mention: Chess: A Knight’s Tour by Bill Cornwall)      
   Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest — Winner: Power Moves in Politics and on the Chessboard — David Sands)      

The following categories are open to journalist and publications both in print and those found online.
   Best Tournament Report Article — Winner: Two Weeks of Theater by Mike Klein, August 2012 Chess Life, nominated by Chess Life      
   Best Features Article — Winner: White Collection by Mark Taylor, December 2012 Chess Life      
                              (Honorable Mention — Assault on Mount Karpov by GM Yasser Seirawan, September 2012 Chess Life)      
   Best Instructive Lesson — Winner: Stay on Attack by Todd Andrews, December, 2012 Chess Life      
                              (Honorable Mention — Winning with White by GM Varuzhan Akobian and William Faulk, March 2013 Chess Life)      
   Best Review — Winner: Making the Leap, by Howard Goldowsky, January 2013 Chess Life      
   Best Humorous Contribution — Winner: Queen Interview by Matt Traynor    
   Best Historical Article — Winner: Poe vs. the Turk by Dr. Gerald Levitt, June 2012 Chess Life      
   Best Interview — Winner: Sam Shankland by Janis Nisii, September 2012 Chess Life      
                              (Honorable Mention: Maurice Ashley by Macauley Peterson, November 2012 Chess Life)      
   Best Analysis — Winner: Nakamura/Robson by GM Ray Robson, August 2012 Chess Life      

The following categories are open only to online journalist and their websites.
   Best [USCF] State Chapter Website — Winner:      
                              (Honorable Mention:      
   Best General Chess Website — Winner:      
   Best Chess Blog — Winner: Chess Book Reviews