2002 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CJA Award Winners!

Each year the Chess Journalists of America judge chess material published during the previous year and submitted to them for competition. Following the judging, awards are made in various categories. Here is a list of the awards presented in this year’s competition. The awards were first announced at the US Open Championship in July 2002.

Following is a list of categories, the winners and honorable mentions, and a list of the CJA members who judged that particular category (in parentheses). Only material originally published during the period June 1, 2001 through May 31, 2002 was eligible for this competition.

The CJA/Cramer Awards were announced at the US Open in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Over two hundred entries were received. This gave ample work for over twenty judges. For the first time ever, the CJA website was used to list all entries and even give links to some of the entries’ sites.

Notable awards went to Yasser Seirawan for Journalist of the Year. Jerry Hanken and Daaim Shabazz were “honorably” mentioned as tying for second. Seirawan will receive the handsome Cramer trophy and have his picture displayed in each issue of Chess Life along with the other US champions. This suggestion by Don Schultz was accepted by the USCF, and this will also be a first.

Book of the Year went to John S. Hilbert for his Essays in American Chess History (Caissa Editions, PO Box 151, Yorklyn, DE 19736). Best State Magazinewent to Georgia Chess and its editor Dan Lucas. Andy Soltis was Columnist of the Year.

In the non-Cramer categories, another first was achieved. Dan Heisman won three awards and was honorable mention in one. One curiosity: A crossword puzzle was entered in the “Humor” category for lack of a better category perhaps. None of the judges thought it was really “funny.” However, its creativity is being recognized (a first rate crossword puzzle) by the Chief Judge with a Special Chief Judge’s Award to Robert Basalla of the Ohio Chess Bulletin.

Another first, we believe, is a sad one. Edmar Mednis was the winner of the Best Analysis Endings category. It was certainly not a first time win for him as he produced much quality work that all chess fans are familiar with.

Categories such as Human Interest and Best Magazine Tournament Report had twenty entries, and both sections were hotly contested–especially the tournament section. Six writers all ended up with honorable mention as their total scores were exactly the same, but clearly trailing Daaim Shabazz’s Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament report, which can be linked from the CJA main page.

All in all, this was a banner year for the CJA awards and all involved– entrants, judges and CJA members who emailed their votes for Journalist of the Year–are thanked for this extraordinary effort!

Respectfully submitted,
Peter J. Tamburro, Jr.
Chief Judge, President, CJA

CJA Judging Results for June 1, 2001 through May 31, 2002
Peter J. Tamburro, Jr., Chief Judge

Cat. 1 Chess Journalist of the Year:  (by CJA vote)
Coordinated with Cramer Awards Committee

Yasser Seirawanwon chess journalist of the year in a combined Cramer Committee / CJA members vote.

Cat. 2: Best State Chess Magazine-Open (Cramer Award Category)     (judges: Wilson, Schultz, Brady, Tamburro)

1st Georgia Chess edited by Daniel Lucas
HM Florida Chess ed. by Harvey Lerman
HM California Chess Journal ed. by Frisco del Rosario
HM Chess Horizons ed. by Mark C. Donlon

Cat. 3 Best State Magazine, Under 1000 circulation     (judges: Dillinger, Sparks, Petersen )

1st Georgia Chess edited by Daniel Lucas
HM Florida Chess ed. by Harvey Lerman
HM California Chess Journal ed. by Frisco del Rosario

Cat. 4 Best Club Bulletin    (judges: Hough, Donlan, Lucas)

1st Columbus Chess Gazette ed. by Tom Britt, Dave Raymond, Michael Steve
HM En Passant (Pittsburgh Chess Club) ed. by Bobby Dudley

Cat. 5 Best Postal Magazine    (Uncontested)

1st The Chess Correspondent edited by Joseph Ganem

Cat. 6 Best New Magazine-No entries

Cat. 7 Most Improved Magazine     (judges: Frisco del Rosario, Smythe, Tamburro)

1st Chess Horizons edited by Mark C. Donlon
HM Chess Life edited by Peter Kurzdorfer

Cat. 8 Best Cover    (judges: Wilson, Schultz, Brady)

1st Jami Anson, Brian Killegrew, Kathleen Merz; February 2002 Chess Life
HM Brian Killegrew; October 2001 Chess Life

Cat. 9 Best Layout    (judges: Del Rosario, Petersen, Ganem)

1st Jami Anson, August 2001 Chess Life
HM Dan Lucas, Georgia Chess

Cat. 10 Best Regular Magazine Column     (judges: Marsh, Del Rosario, Lerman)

1st Andrew Soltis, “Chess to Enjoy”; Chess Life
HM Dan Heisman, “Novice Nook” ; Chess Café

Cat. 11 Best Magazine Tournament Report     (judges: Petersen, Lerman, Tamburro)

1st Daaim Shabazz;Wilbert Paige Memorial Chess Tourn.; The Chess Drum(Internet Entry)
HM Daaim Shabazz; 2001 FIDE Wrld Chps; The Chess Drum (Internet Entry)
HM Jerry Hanken; Continental Open; Chess Life, January 2002
HM Jerry Hanken; US Open; Chess Life, December 2001
HM Paul Truong, Jennifer Shahade, Peter Kurzdorfer; US Chp Chess Life December 2001
HM Jennifer Shahade, Super Nationals, Chess Life, September 2001
HM John Fedorowicz, US Championship, Chess Life, May 2002

Cat. 12 Best Regular Newspaper Column    (judges: Marsh, Donlan)

1st David Sands, “Chess” Washington Times
HM Lubos Kavalek “Chess” Washington Post

Cat. 13 Newspaper Column of Local Interest     (judges: Marsh, Smythe, Johnson)

1st E.S. Doyle, Pete Tamburro, “Chessmates” Sunday Star-Ledger
HM Bill Cornwall, “Chess: A Knight’s Tour” Ft. Lauderdale Sun- Sentinel
HM Daren Dillinger, “Chess” Florida Times-Union

Cat. 14 Best Newspaper Tournament Report    (uncontested)

1st David R. Sands, “Four Share Honors at US Open” Washington Times

Cat. 15 Best Chess Promotion    (judges: Dillinger, Donlan, Sparks)

1st Jami Anson, “World Chess Hall of Fame” Chess Life October 2001
HM Mike Marsh, “She Got Game” Chicago Reader

Cat. 16 Best Press Release-No entries!

Cat. 17 Best Human Interest    (judges: Sands, Johnson, Cornwall)

1st “The Convict Who Would be King” Virginia Pilot
HM A. Mengarini, J.S. Hilbert, “Marshall CC in the Early 1950s” Chess Life, October 2001
HM John Donaldson, “Elmars Zemgalis” Chess Life, January 2002

Cat. 18 Best Historical Article     (judges: Campbell, Anderson, Smythe, Ganem)

1st Aristea D. Mengarini, John S. Hilbert “Marshall CC in the Early 1950s” Chess Life, October 2001
HM Edward O’Brien, “Shadows Over Morphy” Chess Life, August 2001

Cat. 19 Best Interview    (judges: Hogg, Lucas, Lerman)

1st Howard Goldowsky, “Michael de la Maza” Chess Horizons
HM Anne Henry, “Arthur Bisguier” Chess Life, August 2001
HM Brian Killegrew, “Edmar Mednis” Chess Life, August 2001

Cat. 20. Best Editorial    (judges: Hough, Sands, Dudley)

1st Dan Heisman, “Encouraging Tournament Participation” Chess Café
HM Nikolai Vlassov (Marfia trans.), “Advanced Chess” Chess Life, March 2002

Cat. 21 Best Humorous Article     (judges: Campbell, Anderson, Tamburro, Ganem)

1st “The Cheating Chess Tournament” NM Dan Heisman’s Chess Page
HM Nevin Grimsley, “Martial Chess” Chess Horizons

Cat. 22 Best Review    (judges: Sands, Smythe, Dudley)

1st (tie) Allan Bennett, “Terrifically Tarrasch” Chess Horizons
1st (tie) Jennifer Shahade, “Chess is Fun, Too?” Chess Life, February 2002
HM Mark C. Donlon, “Being a Chess Hero…” Chess Café (Internet Entry)

Cat. 23(a) Best Analysis – Opening     (uncontested)

1st Lev Alburt, “Discoveries in the Opening” Chess Horizons

Cat. 23(b) Best Analysis – Endings    (uncontested)

1st Edmar Mednis, “The Practical Endgame” Chess Horizons

Cat. 23(c) Best Analysis – Other    (judges: Johnson, Ganem, Campbell)

1st Frisco del Rosario, “100th Anniversary of Capablanca…” California Chess Journal
HM Mark C. Donlon, “Databases: Using PGN…” Chess Horizons

Cat. 24 Best Instruction    (judges: Hogg, Dillinger, Sparks)

1st Dan Heisman, “The Six Common Chess States” Chess Café
HM Tal Shaked, “Power Openings” School Mates

Cat. 25 Best Cartoon    (judges: Hough, Donlan, Campbell, Tamburro)

1st (tie) Ed Bogas, California Chess Journal
1st (tie) Jose Angel Pardo, School Mates, Spring 2002 Cover

Cat. 26 Best Chess Art    (judges: Wilson, Schultz, Brady)

1st Murphy Anderson (artist), Alter Ego Magazine Cover (#13)
HM Jose Angel Pardo, School Mates, Spring 2002 Cover

Cat. 27 Best Chess Photograph     (judges: Wilson, Schultz, Brady)

1st (tie) Alan Kirshner, “Jeremy Chow” California Chess Journal
1st (tie) Tony Cortizas, “Re6” Chess Horizons

Cramer Categories Separate from CJA Categories:

Best Columnist: Andrew Soltis
Book of the Year: John S. Hilbert, Essays in American Chess History, Caissa Editions, Yorklyn, Delaware, 2002