2001 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CJA Award Winners!

Each year the Chess Journalists of America judge chess material published during the previous year and submitted to them for competition. Following the judging, awards are made in various categories. Here is a list of the awards presented in this year’s competition. The awards were first announced at the US Open Championship in August 2001.

Following is a list of categories, the winners and honorable mentions, and a list of the CJA members who judged that particular category (in parentheses). Only material originally published during the period June 1, 2000 through May 31, 2001 was eligible for this competition.


CJA Judging Results for June 1, 2000 through May 31, 2001
Peter J. Tamburro, Jr., Chief Judge

Cat. 1 Chess Journalist of the Year:  (by CJA vote)
Coordinated with Cramer Awards Committee


1st Hanon Russell won chess journalist of the year in a combined Cramer Committee / CJA members vote. He received $500 and an engraved memento.

Cat. 2 Best Chess Magazine (Open Division)     (Judges: Wilson, Hart, Dunnigan, Phanstiel, Wall)

1st Chess Horizons, Mark C. Donlan, editor
HM California Chess Journal, Frisco del Rosario, editor
HM Ohio Chess Bulletin, Michael L. Steve, editor

Cat. 3 Best State Magazine, Under 1000 circulation     (Sparks, E. Johnson, J. F. Campbell)

1st Georgia Chess, Daniel Lucas, editor
HM Atlantic Chess News, Peter J. Tamburro, Jr., editor, Matt Tamburro, technical editor

Cat. 4 Best Club Bulletin    (Hilbert, Lucas, Tamburro)

1st Columbus Chess Gazette, Dave Raymond, Tom Britt, Michael Steve, editors
HM En Passant, Bobby G. Dudley, editor

Cat. 5 Best Postal Magazine    (Uncontested)

1st The Chess Correspondent, Joe Ganem, Editor

Cat. 6 Best New Magazine     (Uncontested)

1st Best in Chess Magazine, Joe Sparks, editor

Cat. 7 Most Improved Magazine     (Wilson, Hart, Dunnigan, Phanstiel, Wall)

1st School Mates, Peter Kurzdorfer, Jami Anson

Cat. 8 Best Cover    (Dillinger, Holliman, Riddle)

1st Chess Life, May 2001, Jami Anson, Kathleen Merz
HM Chess Life, September 2000, Brian Killigrew, Jami Anson
HM School Mates, Fall 2000, Jami Anson

Cat. 9 Best Layout    (Wilson, Hart, Dunnigan, Phanstiel, Wall)

1st Chess Life, 2000 Issues, Brian Killigrew, Jami Anson
HM School Mates, Jami Anson, Kathleen Merz
HM Georgia Chess, Daniel Lucas

Cat. 10 Best Regular Magazine Column     (Holliman, Hough, Tamburro)

1st Michael Rohde, Chess Life, Game of the Month
HM Tom Britt, Columbus Chess Gazette, Endgame Edge

Cat. 11 Best Magazine Tournament Report     (Dillinger, Smythe, Tamburro)

1st Aviv Friedman, Chess Life(May-Jul. 01), Wijk Aan Zee 2001
HM John Fedorowicz, Chess Life(Dec. 00), 2000 US Championship

Cat. 12 Best Regular Newspaper Column    (Hough, Lucas, Sparks)

1st David R. Sands, The Washington Times
HM Lubomir Kavalek, The Washington Post

Cat. 13 Newspaper Column of Local Interest     (Hanken, Riddle, Tamburro)

1st George Mirijanian, Sentinel and Enterprise
HM Bill Cornwall, Sun-Sentinel

Cat. 14 Best Newspaper Tournament Report    (Hanken, Lucas, Schultz)

1st David R. Sands, The Washington Times, Atlantic Open Gets Tamed by Swiss Elite
HM George Mirijanian, Sentinel and Enterprise, Alexander Ivanov wins New Hampshire Open

Cat. 15 Best Chess Promotion    (Fireman, Hough, Sparks)

1st Eric C. Johnson,, Chess and Personal Growth
HM Jami Anson, U.S.C.F. Catalogue, Summer, 2001

Cat. 16 Best Press Release    (Uncontested)

1st Leo Dubler, Atlantic Chess News, South Jersey Open

Cat. 17 Best Human Interest    (Del Rosario, Holliman, Smythe)

1st Moe Van Dereck, Chess Horizons, Chess Parents
HM Brian Killigrew, Chess Life (Sep. 2000), Profiles in Chess: Garry Kasparov, World Champion

Cat. 18 Best Historical Article     (Dillinger, Riddle, Schultz)

1st Svetlana Fedoseeva, Chess Life (Jul. 2001) , Fischer-Spassky Revisited
HM John S. Hilbert, (Chess Archaeology Web Site), Norman Tweed Whitaker and the Search for Historical Perspective: A Tale Full of Genius and Devil

Cat. 19 Best Interview    (Hough, Schultz, Smythe)

1st Brian Killigrew, Chess Life (Sep. 2000), Profiles in Chess: Garry Kasparov, World Champion
HM Brian Killigrew, Chess Life (Mar. 2001), Profiles in Chess: Lev Alburt and the Soviet Chess System

Cat. 20. Best Editorial    (Del Rosario, Hilbert, Tamburro)

1st Evgeny Sveshnikov, Chess Life (Oct. 2000), Do We Need the Middleman?
HM Larry Parr, Chess Life(June 2001), The Zen of VFM

Cat. 21 Best Humorous Article     (Smythe, Tamburro)

1st Darren Dillinger, The Florida Times-Union, April Fool’s Day Column (Schmoe Attack)
HM Larry D. Evans, School Mates (Summer 2001), Darwin and the Duck
HM Jerry Hanken & Phil Smith, Hanken’s Corner (US Open Bulletins)
HM Phil Crocker, Chess Horizons (Nov.-Dec. 2000), How to Write a Chess Book and Make Loads of Dosh

Cat. 22 Best Review    (Fireman, Mirijanian, Tamburro)

1st Al Lawrence, Chess Life (Jun-Jul 01), Downloadable Feasts
HM Chris Chambers, Georgia Chess (Aug-Sep 00) Book Review: Improve your Endgame Play

Cat. 23(a) Best Analysis – Opening     (Schultz, Sparks, Tamburro)

1st Eduard Gufeld, Chess Life (Mar 2001), Inventors and Novelty Makers
HM Allan Bennett, Chess Horizons (Jan/Mar, Apr/Jun 01), The Philidor Explained

Cat. 23(b) Best Analysis – Endings    (Hanken, Lucas, Mirijanian)

1st Edmar Mednis, Chess Horizons, The Practical Endgame
HM Tom Britt, Columbus Chess Gazette, Endgame Column

Cat. 23(c) Best Analysis – Other    (Hough, Schultz, Tamburro)

1st Mark C. Donlan, Chess Horizons (Nov/Dec 00) ,Tiger Chess
HM Eric C. Johnson,, Why Club Chess is the Best Sport of All

Cat. 24 Best Instruction    (Dillinger, Riddle, Tamburro)

1st Michael de la Maza, Chess Horizons (Jan/Mar 2001), 400 Points in 400 Days
HM Larry Kaufman, Chess Life(Jan/Feb 2001), Teaching Chess with Handicaps

Cat. 25 Best Cartoon    (Hanken, Johnson, Schultz)

1st Lincoln Peirce, School Mates (Winter 2001), Big Nate
HM Moe Van Dereck, Chess Horizons (Jan/Mar 2001), “Horse” Cartoon

Cat. 26 Best Art    (Del Rosario, Dillinger, Holliman)

1st Patrick Kelly, School Mates (Spring/Sum 01), Pork Rinds(Cover)
HM David Bock, Games, Chess Life (Aug 00) (Cover)
HM Jami Anson, Kathleen Merz, Chess Life (May 2001) (Cover)

Cat. 27 Best Chess Photograph     (Campbell, Fireman, Mirijanian)

1st Brian Killigrew, Jami Anson, Chess Life (Sep 2000), Cover Photo of Garry Kasparov
HM Brian Killigrew, Jami Anson, Chess Life (Dec 2000), Cover Photo of Joel Benjamin


Chess Life 10 firsts, 9 honorable mentions
Chess Horizons 5 firsts, 3 honorable mentions
School Mates 3 firsts, 3 honorable mentions
Georgia Chess 1 first, 2 honorable mentions
Columbus Chess Gazette 1 first, 2 honorable mentions
Internet Entries 1 first, 2 honorable mentions
Atlantic Chess News 1 first, 1 honorable mention
Best in Chess 1 first
Chess Correspondent 1 first
En Passant 1 honorable mention
California Chess Journal 1 honorable mention
Ohio Chess Bulletin 1 honorable mention
USCF Summer Catalogue 1 honorable mention