2000 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CJA Award Winners!

Each year the Chess Journalists of America judge chess material published during the previous year and submitted to them for competition. Following the judging, awards are made in various categories. Here is a list of the awards presented in this year’s competition. The awards were first announced at the US Open Championship in August 2000 .

Following is a list of categories, the winners and honorable mentions, and a list of the CJA members who judged that particular category (in parentheses). Only material originally published during the period July 1999 through June 2000 was eligible for this competition.

CJA Judging Results for July 1999 – June 2000
Helen Warren, Chief Judge

Cat. 1 Chess Journalist of the Year:  (R Hough, P Tamburro, S Anderson)

1st Al Lawrence

Cat. 2 Best State Magazine (Open)     (J Hanken, P Tamburro, M Lieberman)

1st Chess Horizons , P. Sherwood , Editor

Cat. 3 Best State Magazine, Under 1000 circulation     (J Hanken, A Lawrence, M Rantala)

1st Illinois Chess Bulletin, Flores & Frye, Editors

Cat. 4 Best Club Bulletin    (B Smythe, R Hough, K Thomas)

1st En Passant, Pittsburgh Chess Club, Bob Dudley, Editor

Cat. 5 Best Postal Magazine    (R Hough, M Lieberman, H Lerman)

1st APCT News Bulletin, Helen Warren, Editor
HM The Chess Correspondent, Joe Ganem, Editor

Cat. 6 Best New Magazine     (B Smythe, J Hilbert, J Warren)

1st A Lightning Bulletin, USPCL, Steve Cohen, Editor

Cat. 8 Best Cover    (M Rantala, A Lawrence, D Heisman)

=1st Chess Life March 2000
=1st Chess Life May 2000

Cat. 9 Best Layout     (M Rantala, R Alexis, A Lawrence)

1st Chess Horizons May-June 2000
HM GA Chess, June-July 2000

Cat. 10 Best Regular Magazine Column     (S Anderson, F Niro, K Thomas)

=1st “Chess to Enjoy”, Soltis, Chess Life
=1st “Endgame Edge”, Tom Britt, Columbus Chess Gazette

Cat. 11 Best Magazine Tournament Report     (M Lieberman, J Marfia, H Lerman)

1st “100th US Open: the biggest little strike it rich in Reno”, Chess Horizons, Nov-Dec 1999, P. Sherwood.
HM “Eastern Class Championship”, Chess Horizons, May 2000, P. Sherwood, et al.
HM “A Battle of our Finest (& Fewest)”, Chess Life, June 2000, Al Lawrence

Cat. 12 Best Regular Newspaper Column     (H Warren, I Riddle, J Hillery)

1st “Chess”, Washington Times, David Sands
HM “Chess”, Washington Post, GM Lubomir Kavalek
HM “Chess, A Knight’s Tour”, Sun Sentinel, B. Cornwall

Cat. 13 Newspaper Column of Local Interest     (H Warren, I Riddle, J Hillery)

1st “Chess, A Knight’s Tour”, Sun Sentinel, Bill Cornwall

Cat. 14 Best Newspaper Tournament Report     (F Campbell, I Riddle, J Hillery)

1st “GM Ivanov Shines in The Eastern”, Washington Times, David Sands

Cat. 15 Best Chess Promotion    (J Hilbert, F Niro, P Tamburro)

1st “The Beauty of the Game”, CreativeHoofing, B. Thiede
HM “Scott Pfeiffer’s Big Comeback”, Inside Chess, Fortado

Cat. 17 Best Human Interest    (W Harris, M Lieberman, F Campbell)

1st “An Interview with Frank Brady”, P. Tamburro, The Chess Journalist, Sept. 1999
HM “Reversal of Fortune”, N. Rinsiker, Chess Life

Cat. 18 Best Historical Article     (S Anderson, J Hilbert, H Warren)

1st “Hamilton 1941”, Bill Townsend, Empire Chess
HM “Modern Chess Anarchy”, Macon Shibut, VA Chess

Cat. 19 Best Interview    (D Heisman, H Warren, J Weinheimer)

1st “Interview with F. Brady”, The Chess Journalist, P. Tamburro
[Available at the CJA web site: Interview: Frank Brady]
HM “Igor Foygel”, Chess Horizons, P. Sherwood

Cat. 21 Best Humorous Contribution     (R Hough, R Moore, H Lerman)

1st “Get the Director”, Joe Whitehead, Chess Horizons

Cat. 22 Best Review    (S Anderson, P Tamburro, J Warren)

1st “Problem Solving Books: Nunn’s Chess Puzzles, Ziatdinov’s GM-RAM: Essential Grandmaster Knowledge”, Bill Kelleher, Chess Horizons
HM “New Chess Film”, E. Johnson, GA Chess

Cat. 23(a) Best Analysis – Opening     (J Tomas, S Anderson, A Watson)

1st “What’s the Deal with the BDG”, M. Shibut, VCN
HM “The Kopec System…”, Kopec, Chess Life

Cat. 23(b) Best Analysis – Endings    (J Donaldson, J Hillery, J Tomas)

1st “Benko…”, Chess Life
HM “Think Fast!”, Jacob Rasin, Chess Horizons

Cat. 23(c) Best Analysis – Other    (J Donaldson, J Tomas, A Watson)

1st “A Most Memorable Game”, Matt Bengtson , Chess Horizons

Cat. 24 Best Instruction    (B Smythe, F Niro, A Lawrence)

=1st “Opening Notebook”, Bennett, Chess Horizons
=1st “Bamboozling the Machine”, F. Wilson, Atlantic Chess News

Cat. 25 Best Cartoon     (R Alexis, R Hough, K Thomas)

1st “Draw Offer”, Labraco, Illinois Chess Bulletin
HM “And then the mean GM…”, G. Robinson, Chess Horizons

Cat. 26 Best Art    (R Alexis, A Lawrence, R Hough)

1st Illinois Chess Bulletin Jan-Feb 2000, J Flores

Cat. 27 Best Chess Photograph     (R Alexis, I Riddle, W Harris)

1st “Chess Mania at So. Station”, Tony Cortizas, Chess Horizons May-June 2000
HM “HM Euwe”, Cover Photo, AL Chess Antics, July 1999

Cat. 28 Best New Book     (D Brandreth, J Hillery, F Wilson)

1st “Just the Facts”, Lawrence, Alburt, Krogius
HM “Chessdon”, Don Schultz

Cat. 29 Best Online Article     (F Campbell, J Marfia, M Lerman)

1st “Bobby Fischer: Friends Don’t Pay Retail”, Alburt & Lawrence,
HM “The Secrets to ‘Real’ Chess”, D. Heisman,
HM “FIDE on the Rocks”, Don Schultz,

No entries received for

  • Cat. 7 Most Improved Magazine
  • Cat. 16 Best News Release
  • Cat. 20 Best Editorial