1999 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CJA Award Winners!

Each year the Chess Journalists of America judge chess material published during the previous year and submitted to them for competition. Following the judging, awards are made in various categories. Here is a list of the awards presented in this year’s competition. The awards were first announced at the US Open Championship in August 2000.

Following is a list of categories, the winners and honorable mentions, and a list of the CJA members who judged that particular category (in parentheses). Only material originally published during the period July 1998 through June 1999 was eligible for this competition.

CJA Judging Results, 1998-1999
Helen Warren, Chief Judge

Best State Magazine (Open)     (Hanken, Hough, Lawrence)

1st Illinois Chess Bulletin, M. L. Rantala, Editor

Best State Magazine, Under 1000 circulation     (Hanken, Hough, Lawrence)

1st Illinois Chess Bulletin, M. L. Rantala, Editor
HM Illinois Chess Bulletin, Josh Flores, Editor

Best Club Bulletin     (Hough, Lieberman, Smythe)

1st Jacksonville Chess News, Darren Dillinger, Editor
HM En Passant, Pittsburgh Chess Club, Bob Dudley, Editor

Best Postal Magazine     (Hillery, Hough, Lieberman)

1st APCT News Bulletin, Helen Warren, Editor
HM The Chess Correspondent, Joe Ganem, Editor

Best Independent Serial Publication     (Hanken, Hough, H. Warren)

1st Articles posted online, John Coffey

Most Improved Magazine     (Hanken, Hough, Tamburro)

1st Georgia Chess, Daniel Lucas, Editor

Best Cover     (Alexis, Lawrence, H. Warren)

1st School Mates Sept-Oct. 1998, Patrick Kelley
HM Chess Life March 1999, Jon F. Buckley

Best Layout     (Alexis, Lawrence, J. Warren)

1st Illinois Chess Bulletin 6/98, M. L. Rantala, Editor
HM School Mates March-April 1999, Patrick Kelley

Best Regular Magazine Column     (Anderson, Donaldson, Hough)

1st “Game of the Month”, Michael Rohde, Chess Life 3-5/99
HM “Chess to Enjoy”, Andrew Soltis, Chess Life 7-9/98

Best Magazine Tournament Report     (Lieberman, Tomas)

1st 1998 Chicago Open, Illinois Chess Bulletin, July-August 1998, Rantala et al.
HM Golden is Golden at World Open, Chess Life, Sept-Oct 1998, Jerry Hanken et al.

Best Regular Newspaper Column     (Hillery, Hough, Lieberman)

1st Washington Times, David Sands, entry #1
HM Washington Post, GM Lubomir Kavalek

Newspaper Column of Local Interest     (Hillery, Hough, Lieberman)

1st Maine Sunday Telegram, Larry Eldridge
HM “Chess, A Knight’s Tour”, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Times, Bill Cornwall

Best Newspaper Tournament Report     (Hillery, Hough)

1st “Mayer Tops Field”, Washington Times, David Sands

Best Chess Promotion     (Hough, Lieberman, Tamburro)

1st Illinois Chess Association – Warren Junior Program, Illinois Chess Bulletin, M. L. Rantala, editor and Mike Marsh

Best Human Interest     (Lawrence, Lieberman, H. Warren)

1st 1999 Amateur Team East, Larry Eldridge, Chess Horizons Jan-May 1999
HM “Maurice Ashley”, Brian Killigrew, Chess Life May 1999

Best Historical Article     (Anderson, Donaldson, H. Warren)

1st “Jacob Yuchtman, The Forbidden Artist” by Leonid Shamkovich and Michael Khodarkovsky, Chess Life Dec 1998
HM “Duchamp Dada: A Reappraisal”, Allan Savage, Kingpin Sept 1998
HM “Weaver Adams”, Eric Johnson, Chess Pride #2, Eric Johnson

Best Interview     (Hanken, Hough, H. Warren)

1st Larry Christiansen, Chess Horizons July-Aug 1998, Peter Sherwood
HM Profiles in Chess: Ashley, Chess Life May 1999, Brian Killigrew

Best Editorial     (Hanken, Tamburro, H. Warren)

HM “What Next”, Darren Dillinger, online

Best Humorous Contribution     (Hanken, Lieberman, Smyth)

HM “Mate the Beatles”, Bob Basalla, Ohio Chess Bulletin

Best Review     (Anderson, Tamburro, J. Warren)

1st “Reflections on the Dvorestsky Project”, John Watson, Illinois Chess Bulletin Sept 1998
HM Jon Speelman’s Best Games, John Tomas, Illinois Chess Bulletin March-April 1999

Best Analysis – Opening     (Donaldson, Shibut, Tomas)

1st “Riddles of the Gruenfeld Defense”, Leonid Shamkovich, Chess Life June 1999

Best Analysis – Endings     (Donaldson, Hillery, Shibut)

1st “In the End”, Steve Szpisjak and John Tomas, Illinois Chess Bulletin July-Aug 1998

Best Analysis – Other     (Donaldson, Shibut, Tomas)

1st “Henley! Henley!”, Paul Hodges and Walter Browne, Atlantic Chess News May-June 1998
HM “An Amazing Discovery”, Michael Rohde, Chess Life Dec 1998

Best Instruction     (Anderson, Lawrence, J. Warren)

1st “Evaluation of Material Imbalances”, Larry Kaufman, Chess Life March 1999
HM “For Mails Only”, Pete Tamburro, Atlantic Chess News July 1998
HM “A. J. Goldsby Anotates”, Georgia Chess

Best Art     (Alexis, Hough, Lawrence)

1st Cover of School Mates Sept-Oct 1998, Patrick Kelley
HM Cover of Chess Life March 1999, Jon F. Buckley

Best Cartoon     (Alexis, Hough, Warren)

HM “Trappy Line”, Darren Dillinger, Jax Chess News

Best Photograph     (Lawrence, Smythe, West)

1st “Chess for Dessert”, Ken Thomas, Atlantic Chess News May-June 1999
HM “You Are What You Read”, Illinois Chess Bulletin, M. L. Rantala
HM “Smothered Mate”, Rank & File May-June 1999, Chris Roberts
HM “M. Dandridge Showed Some Muscle”, Illinois Chess Bulletin Sept-Oct 1998, Jerome Bibuld