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Chess Journalists of America
Web Site Updates
26-27 May 2006
Expanded CJA Directory of Officials to include four committee chairmen, Outreach (Howard Goldowski) and Ethics (Rusty Miller) and placeholders for Awards and Bylaws..
16 May 2006
Added Logo Page to announce the new CJA logo.
16 April 2006
Added link American Amateur Press Association to the CJA Links page.
14 April 2006
Updated the Membership List page with the current information.
13 April 2006
Posted Press Release for the 2006 Awards program.
1 April 2006
The March 2006 issue of The Chess Journalist was added to the Journal page for download in PDF format.
15 December 2005
Updated the Membership List page with the current information.
1 October 2005
Updated the CJA Directory page to show the new CJA President Jerry Hanken.
30 September 2005
Posted the 2005 Annual CJA Meeting Minutes.
12 August 2005
Posted the 2005 CJA Awards.
11 August 2004
Posted the 2004 CJA Awards.
20 July 2004
Restored the Membership List page with the current information.
26 June 2004
Replaced the mailto links on the Directory page with encoded versions to make them harder to scan by spam bots. They should still work normally.
24 June 2004
Removed the Membership List from the site, including removing links from all pages that referred to it.
10 June 2004
Listed the nominations received for the 2004 Chess Journalist of the Year and Chess Journalist Lifetime Achievement Award on the main page.
23 April 2004
Posted Internet Entries Received for the 2004 Awards program. The page will be updated as new Internet entries are received.
10 March 2004
Posted Press Release for the 2004 Awards program.
9 February 2004
Major revision to the CJA Links page
4 February 2004
Added An Interview with Joan DuBois about the USCF Chess Review Newsletter
4 February 2004
Hit counter on index page has reached 10,000.
5 January 2004
Changed the masthead of the major pages to include an old CJA logo
19 December 2003
Moved the entire CJA web site to its own domain
29 October 2003
Added Daniel King - Games Consultant to Links - Chess Publications and Commercial Sites
7 October 2003
Articles were added to the Journal page from the June 2003 and September 2003 issues of The Chess Journalist.
7 October 2003
This "Site Updates" page was added to the site. The index page hit counter (measuring visitors since 3 Jan 2000) is at 8968.
28 Nov 1999
The CJA Web Site was officially launched.
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