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"Letter to CJA" from Dan Heisman
12 August 2009

To the CJA:

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the CJA for the handling of the 2009 awards:

  1. Filling in due to the untimely death of friend Dr. Ira Lee Riddle – I made a donation to the Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund at the Philadelphia Foundation in Ira’s name ( )
  2. The great job done by chief judge Jonathan Hilton (especially minimizing hardcopy, although judging “Best Website” AND “Best State Magazine” meant I had to read a TON) laughing
  3. For my awards for Best Analysis and Best Instruction (and runner-up Journalist of the Year – maybe I’ll win someday, but can’t be before I turn 60) laughing

PS: Student Howard Stern has donated a trip to his show to benefit my other charity, The Holly Heisman Memorial Fund, for women in need:
The bidding is currently at $9,000 and ends this evening.

Best wishes,
Dan Heisman

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