The following statement was received from the CJA Vice President Daren Dillinger for posting on the CJA web site. He characterized it as an Executive Board Minority Report. His unedited comments follow. --- J. Franklin Campbell, Webmaster

Executive Board Minority Report
-- submitted by Vice-president Daren Dillinger
(posted 24 July 2007)

Great things are going on now, and more great stuff is coming! -- Helpful to all writing material in the chess world.

Make no mistake about it, there are serious issues of conflict within the CJA but the growth of CJA since it's birth in 1972 is ongoing. Indeed chess writing in the U. S. can be traced back to the work of Ben Franklin*.

The good news is that CJA officials on both sides of existing conflicts have the growth of chess in their heart.

There are two extremes:

  1. For those in charge to target critics with personal attacks, at the same time fighting to keep secret any records which could prove the critics correct. -- Or the other extreme --
  2. A dialog from all sides of issues, and full transparency of all organizational records.

As a veteran of decades of chess, civic and corporate world's governance, I have found that most outfits fall in between.

We are growing out of some negative behavior that has existed during the last year or two.

The days are over of keeping secret financial records, copies of check payments, and deposited checks.

The days of even trying to keep secret the receipts of authorized expenses, will also SOON be over.

Thereby leaving for us to see what may be the left-over amount of cash spent on un-authorized projects as well as any out-right fraud.

This will translate into a greater level of integrity in all that we do.

On another major CJA front, under the leadership of Pete Tamburro and Howard Goldowsky, we have been moving away from CJA having a nearly exclusive focus on vanity self-nominated published work, to expand to mainstream media published articles in chess.

And soon, I hope for us to work with the Public Relations people of major book publishers to bring their chess books out of the CJA shadows. Right now, almost all major book publishers do not even know CJA exists.

Former USCF C.E.O. Al Lawrence has some excellent input on this issue. Perhaps this important area can be splintered off and come under his wing where he heads up the Hall of Fame chess museum down in Miami.

A joint umbrella of CJA and the Museum can be a good resource to make this a success.

This would have some resemblance to the cooperation of the Cramer committee and the CJA which already exists in some award categories.

I look for us to do both, nominate the work we feel is the best we do, but also the best work of others.

I look for a resolution of conflicts and progress on the positive growth of the CJA.

Daren Dillinger, CJA V.P.

* = Indeed U. S. Chess Journalism History goes back centuries to the days of Ben Franklin. See the excellent site at:

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