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Chess Journalists of America /
Cramer Journalism Awards

Joint Announcement

Press Release
March 10, 2004

Daniel Lucas, President of the Chess Journalists of America, and Pete Tamburro, Chairman of the Cramer Awards, jointly announce their annual call for material published in print publications or on Internet sites.

There are several important changes from last year. Some categories have been divided into web and print sections. Chess Journalist of the Year now limits consideration to accomplishments from the judging year only, and a Lifetime Achievement award has been added.

There are six category sections: Cramer Awards, Magazine Editor, Magazine Author, Newspaper Author, Web-Based and General Author/Artist (certain items in this last category are open to both Internet and print entrants; these are labeled Internet Eligible).

Cramer Award winners will receive the traditional marble obelisk (thanks to a generous donation from GM Arnold Denker) and a CJA certificate. All other category winners will receive a CJA certificate.

The entry procedure is as follows:

  1. Print entrants should submit one original and four photocopies or five originals for each entry. If you are submitting one article in two categories, for example, then you would submit ten items and two separate cover sheets. Print entries may be from any publication published in the United States or its territories. Internet submitters should mail the relevant URL(s) with entry fee and cover sheet (see items 3 and 4 below) to the Chief Judge and also email the entered URL(s) to the CJA Webmaster at webmaster@chessjournalism.org. By entering you are giving the CJA permission to display your entry on the CJA site. The Webmaster may choose, as an alternative, to link to your site. Note category 3 requires a hard copy. Internet entries must be U.S.-based websites in English (dual-language sites acceptable, but only English portion will be judged).

  2. All entries, except for the lifetime achievement award, must have been produced between June 1, 2003 and June 1, 2004.

  3. Both Internet and print entrants must send an entry fee of $15 for the first entry (that includes membership or extension of membership in the CJA) and $8 for each additional entry after that.

  4. All entries must use the cover sheet found on the website http://chessjournalism.org/. Follow the packing instructions listed on the cover sheet. If you do not have Internet access contact the chief judge for a copy of the cover sheet. The coversheet can be downloaded (it shouldn't take more than 15 seconds) by clicking one of the following links. For those unable to download there is a web page version provided.

  5. June 25, 2004 will be the deadline for all entries except for Chess Journalist of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award, which have June 1, 2004 deadlines.

  6. Send entries to the Chief Judge, with checks payable to Chess Journalists of America:
    Daniel Lucas
    1369 Field Creek Terrace
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043-5334
  7. For acknowledgement of your entry, include a self-addressed, stamped postcard or your email address.

Questions or problems: Email: Daniel Lucas, president@chessjournalism.org or phone: 770-338-5803.

Cramer Award Categories
Category 1
Chess Journalist of the Year
Nominations should be sent to the Chief Judge for the CJA with a supporting statement. This should be a person who has greatly contributed to chess journalism this past year. Nominations are due by June 1, 2004. Only CJA members may nominate.

Category 2
Best Book
Send 4 copies of a U.S. published book, copyright 2003.

Category 3
Best Chess Column, Any Media
Enter your three best columns. Web based columns should send a hard copy, and email the URL to the webmaster.

Category 4
Best State Magazine/Editor,
Open Division

Limited to the official publication of a state chess association. Supply four sets of one year's worth of issues. States that have two publications (e.g., adult and junior) must submit them separately

Magazine Editor Categories
Category 5
Best State Magazine,
Under 1000 Circulation

Limited to the official publication of a state chess association. Supply four sets of one year's worth of issues. States that have two publications (e.g., adult and junior) must submit them separately. A statement of circulation must be included with the entry.

Category 6
Best Club Bulletin
Limited to the official publication of local chess clubs. Enter your three best issues.

Category 7
Best Correspondence Chess Magazine
Limited to magazines dealing with correspondence chess. Enter your three best issues. Judges will be instructed to evaluate all productions in terms of new material presented in each as well as the repeated content (e.g., ratings).

Category 8
Best New Magazine
This may be any regular print publication and may include being the second publication of a state organization (e.g., a state youth magazine or newsletter). The sole requirement other than print is that it did not exist before July 1, 2003.

Category 9
Most Improved Magazine
Enter any two current year issues and any one previous year issue. The nominator may provide a typed sheet highlighting the improvements. Open to all print magazines.

Category 10
Best Cover
Open to all print magazines. Enter a cover that demonstrates how the publication combines the masthead with other graphic elements to put its best face forward.

Category 11
Best Layout
Open to all print magazines. Enter any one issue that demonstrates how the publication uses headlines, paragraphing, graphics, and printing processes to organize and highlight its material. This category judges layout for a single issue as a whole. Individual sections of a magazine will not be considered.
Magazine Author Categories
Category 12
Best Regular Magazine Column
Limited to writers of regular magazine columns. Enter your three best columns. Be sure to include the dates of publication.

Category 13
Best Magazine Tournament Report
Limited to writers of magazine articles telling the story of a single tournament that occurred in the past year.

Newspaper Author Categories
Category 14
Best Regular Newspaper Column
Limited to writers of local, metropolitan or syndicated newspaper columns. Enter your three best columns.

Category 15
Best Regular Newspaper Column of Local Interest
Limited to writers of local or metropolitan newspaper columns that demonstrate quality coverage of local chess and chess players. Enter four columns.

Category 16
Best Newspaper Tournament Report
Limited to newspaper articles reporting on one tournament.

Web-Based Categories
Category 17
Best State Website
Limited to official state organization websites.

Category 18
Best Internet Chess News Site
The winner will have shown a regular, accurate and objective reporting of chess news in the U.S. or the world.

Category 19
Best General Chess Web Site
The winner will be the site that best covers a wide range of chess topics, including, but not limited to, news, features, etc., in an easy-to-navigate manner.

Category 20
Best Web-Based Review
Same as category 31 but expressly written for the web.

Category 21
Best Web-Based Analysis
Same as categories 32-34 but expressly written for the web.

Category 22
Best Web-Based Instruction
Same as category 35 but expressly written for the web.

Category 23
Best Correspondence Chess Website
Must show regular or periodic updating of correspondence chess subjects.

Category 24
Best Web-Based Interview
Same as category 28 but expressly written for the web.

General Author/Artist Categories
Best Press Release
Enter the original press release announcing or reporting a chess tournament or other chess related topic. Must identify at least one publication or web site that published material based upon the release.

Best Human Interest Story
Enter a story, article, column or anecdote in which the center of interest is not chess itself, but the lives, emotions and character of the people who play chess.
Best Historical Article
Enter an article that describes some aspect of chess history.

Category 28
Best Interview
Enter an interview that demonstrates the skill of the interviewer in eliciting instructive and revealing responses.

Best Editorial
Enter an editorial that takes a clear stand on a chess related theme. Editors who have a counterpoint editorial (pro vs. con) must enter each position separately.

Best Humorous Contribution
(Cartoons see category 36. ) Enter any jokes, satire, irony, parody, or exaggeration, etc., with a chess theme that makes the reader smile, chuckle or laugh out loud. The Chief Judge in advisement with the judges will decide it if is appropriately tasteful. The underlying criterion is that the humor would not be out of place it it were published in a state magazine that kids read.

Category 31
Best Review
Enter a review of a single book, play, movie, software, etc,. that has a chess related theme.

Category 32
Best Analysis, Openings
The article(s) must cover one opening and may be in a serial format over several issues.

Category 33
Best Analysis, Endings
Same standards as category 32, but covering the endgame.

Category 34
Best Analysis, Other
An analysis of some aspect of a game or several games that has a theme that is looked at deeply.

Category 35
Best Instruction
Enter an item that teaches something about chess to average players. This must be something more than a typical annotated game.

Best Cartoon
Enter a single cartoon or strip with a chess related theme.

Best Chess Art
Enter a single work of art with a chess related theme that has been created by just ONE person. It may be part of a larger production (e.g., on the cover of a magazine) but it will be judged as an entity in and of itself.

Best Chess Photograph
Enter a single chess photograph that portrays without words that chess is involved.

Category 39
Chess Journalist Lifetime Achievement Award
The honoree will have shown a lifetime record of achievement in chess journalism. The nomination should include a statement of why the person should be honored. Nominations due by June 1, 2004

Best General Chess Article
Any item that does not fit in the categories above.
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