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Chess Journalist Awards Entries for 2002

Press Release
July 11, 2002

Below is a list of all the categories which received entries for the 2002 Chess Journalist of America Awards. Following each entry title is a list of CJA members who will be judging the category, followed by a bulleted list of the entries received. Note that the Journalist of the Year award is voted on by the entire CJA membership, so all members should vote by July 25.

Judges, be sure you get all your votes in to Chief Judge Pete Tamburro by July 25. Each item which is an Internet entry is so marked with a link to the entry. Judges should have received their judging packet in the mail by now. At the bottom of the page is a recent message (14 July 2002) sent to the judges by the Chief Judge Pete Tamburro regarding scoring.

List of Received Chess Journalist Awards Entries 2002

Cat. 1: Journalist of the Year (A Cramer Award category)

Nominations: CJA members are to send their vote to Ptamburro@aol.com by July 25; write ins are allowed. The following were nominated by the Cramer committee on July 8, 2002: (in alphabetical order)

  • Jerry Hanken
  • Peter Kurzdorfer
  • Daaim Shabazz (Internet Entry)
  • Yasser Seirawan
  • Sam Sloan
  • Write-in:____________
Cat. 2: Best State Chess Magazine--Open (judges: Wilson, Schultz, Brady, Tamburro) (A Cramer Award Category)
  • Georgia Chess
  • Florida Chess
  • California Chess Journal
  • Chess Horizons
  • Ohio Chess Bulletin
Cat. 3: Best State Chess Magazine under 1000 (Dillinger, Sparks, Petersen)
  • Michael Steve Ohio Chess Bulletin
  • Harvey Lerman Florida Chess
  • Frisco del Rosario California Chess Journal
  • Daniel Lucas Georgia Chess
Cat. 4: Best Club Bulletin (Hough, Donlan, Lucas)
  • Bobby Dudley En Passant (Pittsburgh Chess Club)
  • Raymond, Britt, & Steve Columbus Chess Gazette (Columbus Area)
Cat.5: Best Postal Magazine (uncontested)
  • Joseph Ganem The Chess Correspondent
Cat.6: Best New Magazine-No entries

Cat.7: Most Improved Magazine (Frisco del Rosario, Smythe, Tamburro)

  • Mark Donlan Chess Horizons
  • Peter Kurzdorfer School Mates
  • Peter Kurzdorfer Chess Life
Cat.8: Best Cover (Wilson, Schultz, Brady)
  • Frisco del Rosario California Chess Journal
  • J. Pardo School Mates Sp. 2002
  • G. Wilson Chess Life 4-01
  • Merz, Killegrew, Jamie Anson Chess Life 2-02
  • Merz, Jamie Anson, Karnazes,Nils. Chess Life 7-01
  • Whole bunch Chess Life 8-01
  • Killegrew Chess Life 10-01
  • Cartoon Nework,Killegrew School Mates Winter 02
  • Merz, et al. Chess Life 9-01
  • Whole bunch Chess Life 11-01
Cat.9: Best Layout (Del Rosario, Petersen, Ganem)
  • Dan Lucas Georgia Chess
  • Merz, Jamie Anson School Mates Sp 02
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 8-01
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 5-02
  • Jamie Anson USCF Summer Catalog 02
  • Jamie Anson School Mates Sp 02 pp 10-12
  • Merz, Jamie Anson School Mates Winter 02 Cover plus 12-13
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 8-01, pp. 56-58
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 8-01, pp. 54-55
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 8-01, pp. 48-52
  • Killegrew Chess Life 10-01, Cover plus 22-24
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 9-01, pp 30-31
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 6-02, 35-37
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 7-01, 38-41
  • Merz, Jamie Anson Chess Life 12-01, Cover, 22-34
  • Donlan Chess Horizons
Cat.10 Best Regular Magazine Column (Marsh, Del Rosario, Lerman) (not to be confused with Cramer "Best Column" award)
  • Dan Heisman Chess Café Novice Nook
  • Tom Britt Columbus Ch. Gaz. Endgame Edge
  • Randy Bauer Chess Horizons Untitled
  • Stephen Muhammad Georgia Chess Knight Line
  • Chris Chambers Georgia Chess Never Give Up!
  • Andrew Soltis Chess Life (ApMyJe) Chess to Enjoy
  • Michael Rohde Chess Life (OcNvDc) Game of the Month
  • Larry Evans Chess Life (FbMrAp) Evans on Chess
Cat.11:Best Magazine Tournament Report (Petersen, Lerman, Tamburro)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Wilbert Paige Mem. Chess Tnmnt (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum 2001 Fide World Chps. (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Penn State Masters Invit. (Internet Entry)
  • Frisco del Rosario California Chess Journal 29th People's Tnmnt.
  • Frisco Del Rosario California Chess Journal Firecracker Open
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 8-01 Foxwoods
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 1-02 Continental Open
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 12-01 US Open
  • L. Eldridge Chess Horizons US Open
  • J. Shahade,Killegrew Chess Life 6-02 (p22-29) USATE
  • M. Franett Chess Life 6-02 (36-37) US Chp.
  • J. Shahade Chess Life 5-02 (25-27) US Chp
  • Hanken,Donaldson, Friedman Chess Life 12-01 (22-34) US Chp
  • Truong,Shahade,Peter Kurzdorfer Chess Life 12-01 (22-34) US Chp
  • Hanken, Rohde Chess Life 11-01 (p36) World Open
  • Shahade Chess Life 9-01 (p22) Super Nationals
  • Killigrew Chess Life 2-02 (p17) Harlem Chess Festival
  • Jeffreys Wilshire Chess Society Newsletter Natl. Open (Internet Entry)
  • Igor Khmelnitsky Chess Life 6-02 (35,36) U.S. Championship
  • John Fedorowicz Chess Life 5-02 (19-24) U.S. Championship
Cat.12 Best Regular Newspaper Column (Marsh, Donlan)
  • L. Kavalek Washington Post Chess
  • B. Cornwall Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Chess: A Knight's Tour
  • D. Sands Washington Times Chess
  • Daren Dillinger Florida Times-Union Chess
Cat.13: Best Regular Newspaper Column, Local Interest (Marsh, Smythe, Johnson)
  • B. Cornwall Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Chess: A Knight's Tour
  • Daren Dillinger Florida Times-Union Chess
  • E.S.Doyle, Pete Tamburro Sunday Star-Ledger Chessmates
Cat.14: Best Newspaper Tournament Report (uncontested)
  • David R. Sands Washington Times Four Share Honors at US Open
Cat.15:Best Chess Promotion (Dillinger, Donlan, Sparks)
  • Mike Marsh Chicago Reader She Got Game
  • Howard Goldowsky Chess Café Chess As a Sport (Internet Entry)
  • Gus Gosselin Chess Horizons BAM
  • David Woolf Georgia Chess Emory/Castle Chess Camp
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life USCF Summer Catalogue
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 10-01 World Chess Hall of Fame
  • Igor Khlmelnitsky Chess Life 6-02 Shaking off the Rust
  • Mike Franett Chess Life 6-02 Six Things to do in Seattle
  • Mike Franett Chess Life 2-02 A Look at the Seattle Ch. Fd.
  • Lawrence,Parr,Jamie Anson Chess Life,4-02 World Chess Hall of Fame
  • Frank Niro, McCrary Chess Life,8-01 Museum Set to Open
Cat.16:Best Press Release-No entries!

Cat.17: Best Human Interest Story (Sands, Johnson, Cornwall)

  • Mike Marsh Chicago Reader She Got Game
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 11-01 A Classy Couple
  • Julie Sell Chicago Reader Revolutionary Spirit
  • Josef Friedman Wiz Chess Quest for the Ring
  • Ed Bogas California Chess Journal An Argument w/a GM
  • Lanette Chan-Gordon California Chess Journal Cultural Exchange
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 3-02 Jack Collins
  • Maryanne Reilly Chess Horizons Show Me What Right Looks..
  • Daniel Lucas Georgia Chess An American Chess Legend
  • John Henderson Chess Life 5-02 Edmar Mednis
  • Mike Franett Chess Life 6-02 Six Things to Do in Seattle
  • Robert Silk Chess Life 3-02 Capablanca
  • Peter Kurzdorfer Chess Life 3-02 Jack Collins Memories
  • Denker & Parr Chess Life 8-01 Anthony Santasiere
  • Mengarini, Hilbert Chess Life 10-01 Marshall CC in early 1950s
  • J. Donaldson Chess Life 1-02 Elmars Zemgalis
  • Peter Kurzdorfer School Mates Spring 02 Jack Collins Kids Memories
  • M. Davis Virginia Pilot TheConvictWhoWouldBeKg
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Chess and Hip Hop Culture (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum 2nd Harlem Renaissance (Internet Entry)
Cat.18:Best Historical Article (Campbell, Anderson, Smythe, Ganem)
  • Neil Brennen California Chess Journal Early 20th Century Chess at San Quentin Prison
  • Victor Charushin Chess Horizons Chigorin-Steinitz Match
  • W. Michael Bacon Georgia Chess Boris Kogan
  • C. Richard Long Georgia Chess Three Boys from Arkansas
  • John Donaldson Chess Life 01-02 Elmars Zemgalis
  • Aristea D. Mengarini, John S.Hilbert Chess Life 10-01 Marshall CC in early 1950s
  • Arnold Denker & Larry Parr Chess Life 8-01 Anthony Santasiere
  • Jami L. Anson Chess Life 4-02 World Chess Hall of Fame
  • Laura Gater Chess Life 8-01 Chess Collection Symbolizes History
  • Edward O'Brien Chess Life 8-01 Shadows over Morphy
  • Walter Browne Chess Life 6-02 A Look Back at the 1977 Championship
  • Daren Dillinger Times Union Bobby Fischer
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Black History Month (Internet Entry)
Cat.19: Best Interview (Hogg, Lucas, Lerman)
  • Howard Goldowsky Chess Horizons Michael de la Maza
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 9-01 Julian Hodgson
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 8-01 Yin Hao
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 6-02 Helen Warren
  • Mark Donlan Chess Horizons 20 Questions w/ Yermo
  • B. Killegrew Chess Life 10-01 Hikaru Nakamura
  • M. Jeffreys Chess Life 2-02 Jeremy Silman
  • Anne Henry Chess Life 8-01 Arthur Bisguier
  • Brian Killegrew Chess Life 8-01 Edmar Mednis
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 8-01 Dustin Diamond
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life 4-02 G. Kaidanov
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Wm. Morrison (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Amon Simutowe (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Kevin Denny (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Oladapo Adu (Internet Entry)
  • Daaim Shabazz The Chess Drum Charles Covington (Internet Entry)
Cat.20: Best Editorial (Hough, Sands, Dudley)
  • Dan Heisman Chess Café Encouraging Tnmnt Partic.
  • Bob Lakata Chess Horizons Bringing Players Back to ..
  • Robert Musicant Chess Life 9-01 Prob w/ Trophies
  • James DuBois Chess Life 5-02 Little Monsters
  • Nikolai Vlassov(Marfia) Chess Life 3-02 Advanced Chess
  • Keith Storey Chess Life 12-01 Retention of Scholastic Plyrs
Cat.21: Best Humorous Contribution (Campbell, Anderson, Tamburro, Ganem)
  • Dan Heisman NM Dan Heisman's Chess Page The Cheating Chess Trn.
  • Josef Friedman Atlantic Chess News Off the floor
  • Robert Basalla Ohio Chess Bulletin A Chess Crossword Puzzle
  • Jerry Hanken Chess Life Tidbits fr. Hanken's Corner
  • Jeroen von Dorp Chess Horizons Me? Publishing My Analysis?
  • Nevin Grimsley Chess Horizons Martial Chess
  • John Valentine Georgia Chess I'm the World Champion
  • Daren Dillinger Chess Life April Fool's Day Ch Prob
  • Daren Dillinger Florida Chess Chess Tales fr.The Dark Side
Cat. 22: Best Review (Sands, Smythe, Dudley)
  • James E. DuBois Chess Base News Chess: A psychiatrist matches wits with Fritz (Internet Entry)
  • Allan Bennett Chess Horizons Terrifically Tarrasch
  • J. DuBois Chess Horizons Chess Sets of Grtst Gen
  • Mark Donlan Chess Café What Chess Is (Internet Entry)
  • Mark Donlan Chess Café Being a Chess Hero (Internet Entry)
  • Jennifer Shahade Chess Life 2-02 Silman's Reassessing your chess
Cat.23a: Best Analysis, Openings (uncontested)
  • Lev Alburt Chess Horizons Discoveries in the Opening
Cat.23b: Best Analysis Endings (uncontested)
  • Edmar Mednis Chess Horizons The Practical Endgame
Cat.23c: Best Analysis Other (Johnson, Ganem, Campbell)
  • Frisco del Rosario California Chess Journal 100th Anniversary of Capa-
  • Mark Donlan Chess Horizons Databases: Using PGN
  • Chip Chapin,M.Donlan Chess Horizons Exploring the Endgame
Cat.24: Best Instruction (Hogg, Dillinger, Sparks)
  • Dan Heisman Chess Café Chess Bks & Prerequisites
  • Dan Heisman Chess Café Putting it All Together
  • Dan Heisman Chess Café The Six Common Chess Sts.
  • Randy Bauer Chess Horizons Winning a Won Game
  • Lev Alburt Chess Horizons Attacks w/same side 0-0
  • Babakuli Annokov Georgia Chess Positional Q-sacs
  • Lev Alburt Chess Life 9-01 Back to Basics
  • Robt. Powlak Chess Life 11-01 Your Computer as Opp.
  • Lev Alburt Chess Life 3-02 Back to Basics
  • Larry D. Evans Chess Life 5-02 ChessSense-Ret.toInner Fish
  • Gabriel Schwartzman School Mates Summer 01 The Power of Thinking
  • Tal Shaked School Mates Winter 02 Power Openings
  • Frisco Del Rosario California Chess Journal Smiting the e6f7g6h6 P-str.
  • Frisco Del Rosario California Chess Journal Burying a Hasty Bishop
  • Frisco Del Rosario California Chess Journal Petite Combination
Cat.25: Best Cartoon (Hough, Donlan, Campbell, Tamburro)
  • Michael Lobraco Illinois Chess Bulletin Happy New Year
  • Michael Lobraco ICB Chess Pizza
  • Jose Angel Pardo School Mates Sprg 02 Cover
  • Ed Bogas California Chess Journal Cartoon
Cat.26: Best Chess Art (Wilson, Schultz, Brady)
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 4-02 CL Cover
  • K. Merz 1-02 Chess Life Cover
  • K. Merz School Mates Sp 2002 SM Cover
  • Joel Berez Chess Life 6-02 Page 45
  • Cartoon Network School Mates Wntr 02 Cover
  • J.A. Pardo School Mates Sp 02 Cover
  • K.Merz School Mates Fall 01 Cover
  • Whole Bunch Chess Life 7-01 Cover
  • Whole Bunch Chess Life 9-01 Cover
  • Thomas,Morrow,Anderson Alter Ego Magazine Cover
Cat.27: Best Chess Photo (Wilson, Schultz, Brady)
  • Alan Kirshner California Chess Journal Jeremy Chow
  • Kiram Frey Barrington Courier Moeller/Naroymn
  • Tony Cortizas Chess Horizons Re6
  • Stephen Jones Georgia Chess Bisguier
  • Killegrew/Truong Chess Life 11-01 Cover + 33-35
  • Sherri Pritz Chess Life 3-02 pp 30-33
  • Killegrew, Jamie Anson Chess Life 2-02 Cover+ 17-19
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 4-02 36-39
  • Jamie Anson Chess Life 5-02 19-27
  • Jamie Anson,Fineberg Chess Life 9-01 30-31
  • Jamie Anson,Cortizas,Hook,Barry Chess Life 9-01
  • Killegrew Chess Life 10-01 22-24
  • Fineberg,Pritz School Mates Spr 02 Cover
  • Pritz School Mates Spr 02 16-18

Cramer Awards not in CJA Categories: Best Column and Book of the Year. The meeting was held on July 8 in New York City. The decisions will be announced by Chairman Don Schultz no later than the U.S. Open in Cherry Hill.

14 July 2002

A question has been raised about scoring.

The philosophy behind any scoring system for awarding prizes is to have a clear winner. We realize that in such a subjective area as we are in, it is difficult to differentiate. We have used the 10-8-7... scoring system to help give some mathematical edge or benefit to coming in first in a judge's opinion. Can you give one score to two or more entries? Yes. We say yes because in the past judges have sent messages when they truly agonized over having to give one a better number than some other one. So, if you are truly agonized, then give the same score. However, try to differentiate. That's why you're a judge! Find something. If you can't, OK, but agonize a little.

Also, a query arose about giving less than a 6 requires an explanation. The reason is that some judges, who no longer judge for me, were suspiciously "dumping" on one entrant to enhance the chances of their favorite. I've seen it happen at basketball seeding meetings (high school and college) when coaches vote, so why not chess? We have a 10 based system so it gives judges leeway to differentiate more than they could on a 5 based system. Another question that occurs frequently is what if you think the entry doesn't fit the category. There are more than a few of those. Feel free to go below 6 if that's your reason. My favorite category in that area is humor. Some things just aren't funny, but the writer thinks they are. You pays your money, you gets your chance! There are some truly dreadful entries this year, so I don't want to scare you about this below 6 thing. I just want you to know that I will be sensitive if one rating is really far below the others; e.g., if an entry gets a 8,8 and 5, we have a problem. Frankly, I think your biggest problem will be in the 10-8 area, because there is some really fine journalism this year as well that far exceeds the poor stuff. So, good luck. You should all have received your packages by now. Happy reading!

Pete Tamburro
Chief Judge

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