Record of Motions Proposed and the Votes

Following are the motions proposed and the record of voting by the Executive Board (all officers).
(Only motions made as of June 2008 are recorded here.)

18 July 2008: CJA Officers vote down motion to instruct Treasurer

On 16 July 2008 the CJA Vice President Ira Lee Riddle put forward the following motion (at the suggestion of past VP Daren Dillinger):

Resolved: That the Treasurer of the Chess Journalists of America to be instructed to comply with the law, and bring ALL financial records of which he is the custodian of during his terms of office; to the August 2009 By-law required meeting of the CJA Executive Board, so as to be available to a verification inspection of any officer present. And to also bring the same to the annual CJA membership meeting, to have available to turn over to a possible new CJA Treasurer.

This motion was voted down 3-1 (with one abstention by the CJA Secretary-Treasurer, who was addressed within the motion) with the following comments.

President Jerry Hanken: "On Iras' Motion, I vote no. The reason for my vote is that the Secy Teasurer has always provided financial information to all on request and has always brought his records to the annual meeting which Ira has only attended recently when his way was paid as CJA Bylaws Chair. This smells of the insane campaign to relentlessly attack the Officers of CJA by a disappointed office seeker."

Vice President Ira Lee Riddle: Voted yes. "I think that our finances should be available to all members whenever asked for, and was trying to set up a rule for future Treasurers to ensure this happening. When I was President/editor/publisher, I put our balance sheet into every issue of the Chess Journalist, so that no one would question where and what monies were being spent."

Editor John Hillery: "I vote No. Reasons: 1) The motion is redundant, as the Treasurer has routinely done everything in this area required by the CJA Constitution. 2) The wording of the motion is a deliberate insult to another officer. In a face-to-face meeting, I would have demanded the motion be ruled out of order for this reason. Under the circumstances, I choose to vote it down instead."

Secretary-Treasurer Randall Hough: "I abstain."

Webmaster Franklin Campbell: "I vote NO as well, pretty much for the same reasons as JH. I think Daren's wording for this motion was poor and should have been rewritten before it was submitted. I would certainly like to see a financial report with explanations for any significant checks written just to clear up any questions about how CJA money is being spent, but this motion doesn't speak to this and is unnecessary."

4 June 2008: Judges will be listed with the awards announcement, but not listed by categories judged

On 2 June 2008, TCJ editor John Hillery proposed the following motion, as revised by President Jerry Hanken before the vote.

Resolved: The names of the judges for the CJA Awards will be listed but not the individual categories they judged.

This motion passed 3-1 (with one absention). This reverses an earlier motion passed by the board several years ago to list the judges for each category.

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