The annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America was held in Oak Brook, Illinois during the U. S. Open Championship. Following are the minutes of that meeting, held on August 10, 2006.

Minutes of 2006 Annual Meeting of CJA
August 10, 2006

ANNUAL MEETING, August 10, 2006, Oak Brook, Illinois

Members present: Frank Berry, Jim Berry, Franklin Campbell, Bill Goichberg, Roger Gotschall, Jim Gray, Bill Hall, Jerry Hanken, Jonathan Hilton, Randy Hough, Al Lawrence, Rachel Lieberman, Daniel Lucas, Mike Nolan, Susan Polgar, Tim Redman, Ira Lee Riddle, Don Schultz, Denis Strenzwilk, Robert Tanner, Paul Truong, Arlen Walker, Jim Warren, and Ed Westing. Guests present: Stan Beckwith, Joan DuBois, Jim Stallings, Hal Terrie, and Herbert Vaughn.

President Hanken called the meeting to order at 2:10. He introduced Secretary/Treasurer Hough, Webmaster Campbell, and Bylaws Chairman Riddle, while explaining the absence of Vice President Daren Dillinger and Awards Chairman Peter Tamburro for health reasons. Wishes for their recovery were expressed.

2005 minutes were approved.

Presidentís Report: Membership has increased from approximately 90 to 140 during the past year, including all USCF Executive Board members. The definition of the organizationís goals has also been enhanced, and the mainstream media category was added to the awards competition. The Psychology Today article on the Polgar family was the winner.

The Board members resolved some internal problems. Tamburro was recognized as Chess Journalist of the Year. Riddle has been appointed to chair Bylaws, and Rusty Miller heads Ethics. Outreach is temporarily vacant, since Chairman Howard Goldowsky chose to focus his efforts on awards. CJA continues to work with the Cramer Committee on Journalist of the Year, and CJA now has a logo, through the efforts of Roberta Lerman.

The winning entries (which appear online and elsewhere in this issue) were announced. Many of them were displayed during the U.S. Open/convention. George Koltanowski, Irving Chernev, Glenn Petersen, and Lubomir Kavalek were added to the Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists through mail vote.

Hough presented the financial report for 2005-06 and the budget for 2006-07 (also appearing online and in this issue), which were approved.

The meeting recessed at 3:07, resuming at 4:10, when a working committee consisting of Campbell, Hanken, Hough, Riddle, and Walker approved a proposed new version of the bylaws for submission to the members.

The meeting adjourned at 4:33.

Randy Hough
CJA Secretary/Treasurer

Posted 3-April-2009