The following set of links is not meant to be comprehensive chess links but rather links of particular interest and utility to active chess journalists. If you know of a link that should be in this list, please Contact Webmaster.

Internet Links of Interest to Chess Journalists

Web Sites of CJA Members

Alexandra Kosteniuk, Women World Chess Champion (Alexandra Kosteniuk) [added 30-Aug-2009]
The Chess Drum (Daaim Shabazz) [added 30-Aug-2009]
Chess Daily News - Susan Polgar Chess Blog (Susan Polgar) [added 2-Oct-2006]
NM Dan Heisman - Chess Page (Dan Heisman) [added 16-Aug-2006]
Jennifer Shahade, Writer & Gamesplayer [updated 18-March-2012]
20 Second Timeout (David Friedman) (see Basketball, Chess and Boxing) [added 16-Aug-2006]
The Campbell Report (Franklin Campbell) [updated 20-Jan-2015]
Mind's Eye Press (Joshua M. Anderson) [added 20-Jan-2015]

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Web Sites of Other Chess Journalists

Studio Fred Lucas Chess Photos by Fred Lucas (Netherlands) [added 29-Jan-2008]
Blockade Chess Cheaters Jon Jacobs' web site on chess cheating [added 21-Dec-2006]
John B. Henderson column (The Scotsman) [updated 30-Aug-2009]
Daniel King - Games Consultant [added 29-Oct-2003]
Bill Wall's Chess Page

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Chess Player Web Sites

Alexandra Kosteniuk, Women World Chess Champion (Alexandra Kosteniuk) [added 30-Aug-2009]
Maxim Dlugy, International Grandmaster [added 4-May-2007]
Alisa Maric, Official site of chess grandmaster [added 21-Mar-2007]
Vladimir Kramnik, World Chess Champion [added 2-Oct-2006]
Victor Viorel Bologan [updated 26-May-2007]
Anjelina Belakovskaia Home Page [added 2-Oct-2006]
The Bobby Fischer Unofficial Home Page [updated 9-Dec-2014]
Valery Salov site
Grand Master Varuzhan Akobian [added 3-Mar-2004]
Jeremy Silman [added 3-Mar-2004]

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State Chess Associations' Web Sites

Greater Peoria Chess Federation
List of State Sites [added 23-Feb-2008]
Alaska Unknown
Arkansas [updated 21-Nov-2016]
California (N)
California (S)
Hawaii [updated 21-Nov-2016]
Idaho [updated 21-Nov-2016]
Illinois [updated 31-Oct-2015]
Iowa [updated 21-Nov-2016]
(scholastic site:
Kentucky [updated 21-Nov-2016]
Louisiana [updated 30-Aug-2009]
Maine [updated 12-Aug-2008]
Maryland [updated 18-March-2012]
Nebraska [updated 18-March-2012]
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio [updated 30-Aug-2009]
(Meetup group) [updated 21-Nov-2016]

Oregon [added 16-Dec-2015]
Also see:
Rhode Island Unknown
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia [updated 18-March-2012]

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Teaching and Instructional Web Sites

Learn Chess Strategies to win [added 11-June-2015]
IchessU (chess instruction) [added 14-October-2011]
Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess [added 2-Nov-2007]
    Facebook page [added 18-March-2012]
Chess Strategies & Resources [added 1-Aug-2007]
Math and Chess [added 7-May-2007]
Chess Academy by Igor Khmelnitsky [added 4-April-2007]
Chess Exam & Training Guide [added 4-April-2007]
How to Play Chess (for beginners and parents) [added 14-Oct-2005]
Chess Puzzle Series for Kids and Adults [added 9-Feb-2004]
Predator at the Chessboard: A Field Guide to Chess Tactics [added 16-June-2005]
Supreme-Chess [added 7-May-2006]

Chess History/Chess Collecting

Ken Whyld Association & Foundation for the Bibliography and History of Chess [added 19-November-2016]
Cleveland Public Library John G. White Chess and Checkers Collection [added 19-November-2016]
The Chess Library [added 19-November-2016]
Dr Timothy Harding's Homepage [added 19-November-2016]
Chess Quotes [added 9-August-2010]
California Chess History [added 14-Oct-2005]
Chess Archaeology

General Chess Web Sites

The Chess Cafe
GM Chess
The Chess Drum [added 30-Aug-2009]
Chessdom [added 26-May-2007]
TWIC - The Week in Chess by Mark Crowther
La Mecca - Chess Encyclopedia
EN PASSANT - Nørresundby Chess Club
Chess Today (GM Baburin)
The Retrograde Analysis Corner [updated 11-Aug-2002]
ECU -- European Chess Union [updated 30-Aug-2009]
The Chess Set Blog [added 18-March-2012]

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Chess Organizations

US Chess Federation (USCF)
ECU -- European Chess Union [updated 30-Aug-2009]
Northwest Chess [added 9-Feb-2004]
ICCF's Official Site
ICCF-US official site.
Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA)
Scottish Correspondence Chess Association (SCCA) [updated 2-Mar-2003]

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Chess Publications and Commercial Web Sites

The Regency Chess Collection Canada [added 4-November-2011] [added 30-March-2010]
Chessmaze International [added 23-May-2009]
The Regency Chess Company [added 8-February-2009]
Chess Today [added 12-August-2007] (Convekta) [added 10-August-2007]
New In Chess (NIC)
Chess Mail magazine
ChessCo and Thinkers' Press [updated 30-Aug-2009]
ChessBase International Site (Germany)
DTG Projects - Chess Products for the 21st Century [added 7-Apr-2004]
All the King's Men - Chess sets for sale [added 17-Apr-2006]
Cardoza Books [updated 30-Aug-2009]
ChessBaron [added 7-Jan-2011]

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Web Site Reference Material

VisiBone: The 256-Color Webmaster's Palette
Art and the Zen of web sites
Website Tips [added 11-Aug-2002]

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Journalism References

dictionarist, dictionary resources [added 2-December-2016]
Open Colleges - Developing your Career, Writing & Communication Courses [added 1-June-2015]
American Amateur Press Association [updated 6-Jan-2009]
TFD - The Free Dictionary [added 11-Feb-2007]
Wikipedia [added 11-Feb-2007]
The DICT Development Group
Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary & Thesaurus, etc.
Chess Vocabulary in 5 Languages [updated 18-March-2012]
50 Strategies For Making Yourself Work [updated 18-March-2012] Writing Links & Links for Writers Word Stuff [added 28-April-2006]
iTools Useful research tools and language tools [added 5-May-2006]
Copyright United States Copyright Office [added 9-Sept-2006]

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On-line Forums

USCF Forums [added 16-August-2006]

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Chess Data

Chess DB Large Chess Games Database [added 23-November-2013]
ARGEDREZ International Chess Games Database [added 24-July-2012]
MonRoi [added 26-May-2007]
Knowledge4IT (click Nalimov EGTB for 6 piece tablebase) [added 26-May-2007]
University of Pittsburgh Chess Page
Chess Lab - Two million interactive chess games online

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Other Lists of Chess Links

Thinks.Com chess links [updated 27-April-2006]
Chess links from Nørresundby Chess Club
Essential Chess Links [added 11-Aug-2002]

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Playing On-line

World Chess Live [added 30-August-2009]
International Correspondence Chess Server (CCS) [added 29-July-2008]
Sudoku Games 4 All [added 23-February-2008]
Tetris Games 4 All [added 23-February-2008]
YourturnMyturn [added 10-October-2007] [added 10-October-2007]
Schemingmind [added 10-October-2007] [added 10-October-2007]
Internet Chess Club [added 10-October-2007]
World Chess Network [added 10-October-2007]

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Chess Odds & Ends

National Address Server
Online Comics [updated 30-August-2009]
Max Euwe Centrum [updated 9-December-2014]
Art et curiosits chiquennes [added 16-July-2005]

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Misc. web sites I also find useful

Internet Movie Database
The World at our Fingers
Essential Links

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