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The Chess Journalist

The Chess Journalist is published quarterly by the Chess Journalists of America.

The articles published in the journal remain under the copyright of the authors and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the authors. Articles do not necessarily represent the opinions of the CJA, its officers or members.

Below are links to some of the older articles published in The Chess Journalist.

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Following are links to PDF format files of complete issues of The Chess Journalist as provided by our editor. Note that the files are rather large (over 1 meg) so slow Internet services will take a while to download. As new issues are published they will be added here after the print issue has been published. You can read these issues using Acrobat Reader (available for free at http://www.adobe.com).

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2015 No journals published in 2015
2014 Annual Issue
2013 Winter Fall
2012 Winter Spring Summer-Autumn
2011 Winter Spring-Summer Fall
2010 March June-Sept  
2009 March June Sept Dec
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1981 Winter 80-81 Spring Fall
1980 Winter 79-80 Spring Summer Fall
1979 Winter 78-79 Spring Summer Fall
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1977 Spring Summer Fall  
If you have any of the missing issues, please contact Joshua Anderson at joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com.
Missing Issues:
Vol. I - I. 1 - 4
Vol. II - I. 1 - 4
Vol. III - I. 1 - 4
Vol. IV - I. 1 - 4
Vol. V - I. 3 - 4 (Please note that Issues 3 and 4 may not exist. Volume 5 Issue 2 was Summer, 1977 and Volume 6, Issue 1 was Fall, 1977)
Vol. X - I. 4
Vol. XI - I. 1 - 2

Selected Articles from older issues of The Chess Journalist
September 2003, Volume XXXII, No. 3, Consecutive No. 109
President's Message by Dan Lucas
Writing a Newspaper Chess Column in 2003 by Stephen Dann
Six tips for Graphic Design
Letters to the Editor
June 2003, Volume XXXII, No. 2, Consecutive No. 108
Writing a Newspaper Chess Column by Stephen Dann
Virtual Journalism, part 2: Domain Names and Servers by John Hillery
Review: Squares chess magazine by Daren Dillinger
President's Message by Pete Tamburro
March 2003, Volume XXXII, No. 1, Consecutive No. 107
Your Chess Web Site -- Some Useful Hints by J. Franklin Campbell
December 2002, Volume XXXI, No. 4, Consecutive No. 106
Virtual Journalism: Creating and Maintaining a Web Page by John Hillery
Eduard Gufeld, 1936-2002 by Jack Peters
Chess in the media: Bobby Fischer redux by John Hillery
June 2001, Volume XXX, No. 2, Consecutive No. 100
Letters to the Editor
Chess publicity in the general media: Writing a Press Release by James M. Nevler
Kings and Pawns in Soviet Russia by Olaf Ulvestad
December 1999, Volume XXVIII, No. 4, Consecutive No. 94
The CJA -- What Next? by Daren Dillinger
September 1999, Volume XXVIII, No. 3, Consecutive No. 93
Interview: Frank Brady by Pete Tamburro
State of the Web by Bill Townsend
Chess Journalists -- Then and Now by Daren Dillinger
December 1998, Volume XXVII, No. 4, Consecutive No. 90
A Personal Internet Experience by J. Franklin Campbell

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