Chess Journalists of America

CJA Awards for 2003

Each year the Chess Journalists of America judge chess material published during the previous year and submitted to them for competition. Following the judging, awards are made in various categories. Here is a list of the awards presented in this year's competition. The awards were first announced at the US Open Championship in August 2003.

Following is a list of categories, the winners and honorable mentions, and a list of the CJA members who judged that particular category (in parentheses). Only material originally published during the period June 1, 2002 through May 31, 2003 was eligible for this competition.

Original CJA Awards Program Announcement

CJA Judging Results for June 1, 2002 through May 31, 2003
Peter J. Tamburro, Jr., Chief Judge

Cat. 1 Chess Journalist of the Year:  (by CJA vote)
Coordinated with Cramer Awards Committee
Fred Wilson won chess journalist of the year in a combined Cramer Committee / CJA members vote.

Cat. 2: Best State Chess Magazine-Open (Cramer Award Category)
1st Chess Horizons, Mark Donlan, editor

Cat. 3 Best State Magazine, Under 1000 circulation
1st Georgia Chess, Dan Lucas, editor

Cat. 4 Best Club Bulletin
1st Columbus Chess Gazette, Messrs. Tom Britt, Dave Raymond, Mike Steve, editors
HM En Passant-Journal of the Pittsburgh Chess Club, Bobby Dudley, editor

Cat. 5 Best Postal Magazine
1st The Chess Correspondent, Joseph Ganem, editor

Cat. 6 Best New Magazine
1st Squares, Bob Long, editor

Cat. 7 Most Improved Magazine
1st Chess Life, Peter Kurzdorfer, editor

Cat. 8 Best Cover
1st (Tie) August and September 2002 Chess Life; Jami L. Anson, Brian Killigrew (joint for both)

Cat. 9 Best Layout
1st Chess Horizons, Mark C. Donlan, editor
HM Chess Life, Jami L. Anson, Kathleen Merz

Cat. 10 Best Regular Magazine Column
1st Opening Secrets (Chess Life) by Susan Polgar with Paul Truong

Cat. 11 Best Magazine Tournament Report
1st Daniel King, Chess Life, Kramnik and Fritz Play to a Standoff
HM Jerry Hanken, Chess Life, Senior Open a Success in Ventura

Cat. 12 Best Regular Newspaper Column
1st Lubomir Kavalek, Washington Post
HM Jack Peters, Los Angeles Times

Cat. 13 Newspaper Column of Local Interest
1st Jack Peters, Los Angeles Times
HM Bill Cornwall, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Cat. 14 Best Newspaper Tournament Report  -- No Entry

Cat. 15 Best Chess Promotion 
1st (3-way tie) Paul Truong, Chess Life, K-K goes 3-D....
1st Josh Tompkins, Los Angeles Magazine, The Rookies
1st James DuBois, Chess Horizons, The Voice of Chess.fm

Cat. 16 Best Press Release
1st Glenn Petersen, Chess Life, August 2002
HM Daren Dillinger, Pasadena City College

Cat. 17 Best Human Interest 
1st (3-way tie) Tim Redman, Illinois Chess Bulletin "Remembering Richard"
1st Nick Conticello, Chess Life "125 Years of the Manhattan Chess Club"
1st Joshua Tompkins, Los Angeles Magazine "The Rookies"

Cat. 18 Best Historical Article
1st (2-way tie) Mark C. Donlan, Chess Horizons, "The Sicilian Saga"
1st Nick Conticello, Chess Life, "125 Years of the Manhattan CC"

Cat. 19 Best Interview
1st Brian Killegrew, Chess Life, "Profiles in Chess: Jennifer Shahade"
HM Dan Lucas, Georgia Chess, "I trained to win..."

Cat. 20. Best Editorial
1st Maurice Ashley, his Chess Life editorial on draws.
HM Taylor (more information will be provided later)

Cat. 21 Best Humorous Article
1st Bob Basalla, Ohio Chess Bulletin, "Mate the Beatles"

Cat. 22 Best Review
1st Jennifer Shahade, Chess Life, Nov. 2002, "Victor Korchnoi's Latest"

Cat. 23(a) Best Analysis - Opening
1st Gary Lane, Chess Horizons, "Who Remembers the Cochrane Gambit?"

Cat. 23(b) Best Analysis - Endings
1st Susan Polgar, Chess Horizons, "The Beauty of the Endgame"

Cat. 23(c) Best Analysis - Other
1st Gregory Kaidonov, Chess Life, Oct. 2002, Kaidonov-Onischuk game
HM Bent Larsen, Chess Life, Sep. 2002, "Fascinating Game"

Cat. 24 Best Instruction
1st Randy Bauer, Chess Horizons, "The Value of Activity"
HM Dan Heisman, Chess Cafe, Novice Nook

Cat. 25 Best Cartoon
1st (tie) Michael Stombaugh, October 2002 Chess Life

Cat. 26 Best Chess Art
1st Jami L. Anson, Kathleen Merz, Chess Life, October 2002 Cover

Cat. 27 Best Chess Photograph
1st Brian Killegrew, Chess Life, "Jennifer Shahade"

Cat. 28 Best State Website     (Randy Hough, Chief Judge in this category)
1st Georgia Chess Association, acting Webmaster, Ted Wieber, Sr., webmaster@georgiachess.org

Cat. 29 Best New Website
1st Tony Heinz, www.chess.fm
HM Peter Prochaska, www.chessodyssey.com

Cat. 30 Best Internet Chess News Site
  No entries received.

Updated: 11-August-2004