Prize List for 2016 CJA Awards


Joshua Anderson, CJA Awards Committee Chairman & Chief Judge, has provided the following list of awards for the 2015 competition for best chess journalism, as announced at the annual CJA meeting on 7 August 2015.

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Prize List for 2016 CJA Awards

   Chess Journalist of the Year -- Winner: Al Lawrence, nominated by US Chess   Certificate
   Best Story of the Year -- Winner: The Struggle by Pete Karagianis - March 2016 Chess Life, Submitted by Chess Life    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- The Square by Nathan Smolensky - Chess Horizons, Holiday 2015)    Certificate
   Best Chess Column -- Winner: Cracked Grandmaster Tales / Why Do Grandmasters Blunder? by IM Jeremy Silman -    Certificate
   Best State Magazine/Newsletter -- Winner: Northwest Chess, editor: Jeffrey Roland, Submitted by Northwest Chess    Certificate

   Best Book - Instructional (paper copy)-- Winner: Is Your Move Safe? by NM Dan Heisman - Mongoose Press   Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Basic Chess Openings for Kids by FM Charles Hertan - New in Chess)    Certificate
   Best Book - Other (paper copy) -- Winner: Jose Raul Capablanca: A Chess Biography by Miguel A. Sanchez - McFarland Pubishing   Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography by Dr. Tim Harding - McFarland Pubishing)    Certificate
   Best Electronic Book -- Winner: The True Origins of Chess: Ancient Greece - Yes, India - No by Dr. Gerald M. Levitt - Gerald M. Levitt   Certificate

   Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout -- Winner: Chess Life, January 2016, edited by Daniel Lucas,
                     Senior Art Director Frankie Butler, Submitted by US Chess    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Chess Life, March 2016, edited by Daniel Lucas,
                                 Senior Art Director Frankie Butler, Submitted by US Chess)    Certificate
   Best Chess Photojournalism -- Winner: Millionaire Chess, Chess Life, January 2016, pp. 22-20, photos by David Llada, Submitted by US Chess    Certificate
   Best Single Photo -- Winner: The Struggle, March 2016 Cover of Chess Life - David Llada   Certificate
   Best Chess Art -- Winner: The Chess Game, Chess Life, August 2015, p. 10 - Yael Maimon   Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- GM Walter Browne, Chess Life, cover October 2015 - Scotty Phillips)    Certificate

   Best Regular Newspaper Column -- Winner: "Fearsome attacker Tate, a local favorite, dies at 58" and "A Valentine's Day over-the-board mating match -- times three" (10/27/2015 & 2/9/2016) by David Sands   Certificate
   Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest -- (Honorable Mention: "California Women Do Well" (5/15/2016) by Bill Cornwall)    Certificate

The following categories are open to journalist and publications both in print and those found online.
   Best Tournament Report Article -- Winner: Caruana, Paikidze Clinch 1st U.S. Championships by FM Mike Klein,    Certificate
   Best Features Article -- Winner: Remembering GM Walter Browne by Al Lawrence - October 2015 Chess Life, p. 32   Certificate
   Best Instructive Lesson -- Winner: Going Deep by GM Jim Tarjan - November 2015 Chess Life, p. 40    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Winning with Botvinnik by GM Lev Alburt- February 2016 Chess Life, p. 24)    Certificate
   Best Review -- Winner: Staying Relevant by John Hartmann - January 2016 Chess Life, p. 14    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Sicilian Dragon by John Hartmann- March 2016 Chess Life, p. 14)    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Another Fischer Book by Vanessa West- February 16, 2016    Certificate
   Best Humorous Contribution -- Winner: Pete's Pathetic Chess: 'Never Good' by Pete Cilento - August 24, 2015   Certificate
   Best Historical Article -- Winner: The Marshall Chess Club Turns 100 by Dr. Frank Brady - September 2015 Chess Life, p. 40    Certificate
   Best Interview -- Winner: Overlapping Worlds by Dr. Tim Redman - December 2015 Chess Life, p. 39    Certificate
   Best Analysis -- Winner: The Kislik Variation Reaches the Top by IM Erik Kislik - April 2016 Chess Life, p. 26    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Openings for Amateurs - and Grandmasters by Pete Tamburro - March 2016 Chess Life, p. 28)    Certificate
   Best Club Newsletter/Magazine -- Winner: En Passant - Pittsburgh Chess Club edited by John Barraso    Certificate
The following categories are open only to online journalist and their websites.
   Best [USCF] State Chapter Website -- Winner: Illinois Chess Association, Editor-in-Chief Bill Feldman   Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- by Daniel DeLuca)    Certificate
   Best General Chess Website -- Winner:, Frank Berry (Owner/Editor), Jim Hollingsworth (Webmaster)   Certificate
   Best Electronic State Newsletter -- Winner: Colorado Chess Informant, Editor: Fred Eric Spell    Certificate
                              (Honorable Mention -- Iowa Chess News: En Passant, Editor: Mark Capron, Webmaster: Bethany Carson   Certificate

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