Entries Received for Chess Journalist Awards 2013

4 July 2013 Update, minor update 11 July 2013

Category Entry Submittor
   Chess Journalist of the Year    
  Diego Garces Diego Garces
  Jamaal Abdul-Alim USCF
   Best Story of the Year    
  October 2012 - Changing Life's Direction, Jamaal Abdul-Alim Chess Life
  November 2012 - The Great Equalizer, Jamaal Abdul-Alim Chess Life
  April 2013 - The Resolute Grandmaster, Macauley Peterson Chess Life
   Best Chess Column    
    Chess Life
    Chess Life
    Chess Life
  August 2012 - Chess Life for Kids - What's the Question? by Daniel Gurevich Chess Life for Kids
    Chess Life for Kids
    Chess Life for Kids
  President's Column Grant Neilley
   Best State Magazine/Newsletter    
  Northwest Chess Eric Holcomb
  Georgia Chess Mark Taylor
  Lousiana Chess Adam Caveny
   Best Book    
  Amateur to IM by Jonathan Hawkins Mongoose Press
  Simple Attacking Plans by Fred Wilson Mongoose Press
  The World's Most Instructive Game Book by Dan Heisman Mongoose Press
   Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout    
  August 2012 - Whole issue by Dan Lucas/Frankie Butler Chess Life
  December 2012 - Whole issue by Dan Lucas/Frankie Butler Chess Life
  August 2012 - Whole issue by Glenn Petersen/Cat Connor Chess Life for Kids
  Georgia Chess 2013 #3 Mark Taylor
   Best Chess Photojournalism    
  July 2012 - Calling Guiness, CCSCSL Chess Life
  July 2012 - Beat People, Jorge Barrera Chess Life
  August 2012 - Two Weeks of Theater, CCSCSL Chess Life
  November 2012 - Front Cover, Mark Schenkel Chess Life
  November 2012 - Pupols/Seirawan, Polly Wright Chess Life
  January 2013 - Ramirez by Betsy Carina Dynako Chess Life
  February 2013 - Grandkids by Bob Tinder Chess Life
  April 2013 - Nakamura by Macauley Peterson Chess Life
  August 2012 - Chess Life for Kids - cover Chess Life for Kids
  Seirawan and Pupols Revisited Jeffrey Roland
   Best Chess Art    
  July 2012 - Front Cover, Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu Chess Life
  April 2013 - Rhino Chess by Frankie Butler Chess Life
  Georgia Chess Cover 5/12 Mark Taylor
  Georgia Chess Cover 1/13 Mark Taylor
  Georgia Chess Cover 3/13 Mark Taylor
   Best Regular Newspaper Column    
  Carlsen Wins Candidate Peter Henner
  From Italy, at long last, a renaissance in chess David Sands
  Karpov Wins Karpov Trophy Bill Cornwall
   Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest    
  Chi Wins Schenectady Speed Peter Henner
  Club Players Dream Column Peter Henner
  Time is on My Side Peter Henner
  Power moves in politics and on the chessboard David Sands
  A radical approach arises to teach the game David Sands
  California's Separate States Bill Cornwall
   Best Tournament Report Article    
  July 2012 - Team of History, Matan Prilleltensky Chess Life
  August 2012 - Two Weeks of Theater, Mike Klein Chess Life
  November 2012 - U.S. Open, Al Lawrence Chess Life
  December 2012 - Olympiad, Mike Klein Chess Life
  March 2013 - Sense of Presence, IM Irina Krush Chess Life
  The Scoop on the SuperNationals, The Biggest Chess Tournament Ever by US Chess Scoop Chess Life for Online
  All-Girls Champs Win Awards From Kasparov by Jamaal Abdul-Alim Chess Life for Online
  Caruana Dominating Grand Slam Final at Halftime  By GM Ian Rogers Chess Life for Online
  Calculation vs. Intuition at the 43rd National Chess Congress Jamaal Abdul-Alim
  Fighting Spirit Jamaal Abdul-Alim
   Best Features Article    
  September 2012 - Assault on Mount Karpov, GM Yasser Seirawan Chess Life
  December 2012 - White Collection, Mark Taylor Chess Life
  January 2013 - Stoked, Betsy Carina Dynako Chess Life
  February 2013 - Calculation vs. Intuition by Jamaal Abdul-Alim Chess Life
  On the Mat, Over the Board: Yoga & Chess by Melinda J. Matthews  Chess Life Online
  The US Chess Scoop with Phiona Mutesi by the US Chess Scoop  Chess Life Online
  Greg on Chess: Time Controls in the US by IM Greg Shahade Chess Life Online
  The Great Equalizer Jamaal Abdul-Alim
  Changing Life's Direction Jamaal Abdul-Alim
  Win, Lose, or Draw Adam Caveney
  In Memoriam: Elena Donaldson Akhmylovskaia (1957 - 2012) Frank Niro
  Seattle Sluggers 2012 U.S. Chess League Champions Northwest Chess
   Best Instructive Lesson    
  July 2012 - A Pandolfini Master Class, Bruce Pandolfini Chess Life
  Decembert 2012 - Stay on the Attack, Todd Andrews Chess Life
  March 2013 - Winning with White, GM Varuzhan Akobian and William Faulk Chess Life
  April 2013 - Chess Life for Kids - Chess Detective by Todd Bardwick Chess Life for Kids
  February 2013 - Chess Life for Kids - Win or Draw by Pete Tamburro Chess Life for Kids
   Best Review    
  June 2012 - Magnus From The Beginning, Ben Finegold Chess Life
  September 2012 - Partial History, Dr. Tim Redman Chess Life
  January 2013 - Making the Leap, Howard Goldowsky Chess Life
   Best Humorous Contribution    
  Georgia Chess 3/13 Mark Taylor
  Queen Interview Matt Traynor
  King Interview Matt Traynor
   Best Historical Article    
  June 2012 - Poe vs. the Turk, Dr. Gerald Levitt Chess Life
   Best Interview    
  September 2012 - Sam Shankland by Janis Nisii Chess Life
  November 2012 - Maurice Ashley, Macauley Peterson Chess Life
   Best Analysis    
  May 2013 - Shankland/Suarez by Sam Shankland Chess Life
  May 2013 - Krush/Ushenina by IM Irina Krush Chess Life
  August 2012 - Kamsky/Nakamura by IM Daniel Ludwig Chess Life
  August 2012 - Nakamura/Robson by GM Ray Robson Chess Life
   Best [USCF] State Chapter Website    
  calchess.org Tom Langland
  www.idahochessassociation.org Jeffrey Roland
   Best General Chess Website    
  uschess.org USCF
   Best Chess Blog    
  No entries  


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