Prize List for 2012 CJA Awards


Joshua Anderson, CJA Awards Committee Chairman & Chief Judge, has provided the following list of awards for the 2012 competition for best chess journalism, as announced at the annual CJA meeting on 10 August 2012..

Prize List for 2012 CJA Awards

Best Features Article
Winner: The Awonder Years – Brad Rosen Chess Life – April 2012    Certificate

Best Humorous Contribution
Winner: Bobby Fischer’s Shoes, or The Absolute Truth by Mark Taylor Georgia Chess – May/June 2012    Certificate

Best Instructive Lesson
Winner: I Don’t Know What to Do? by NM Dan Heisman - Novice Nook,    Certificate

Best Review
Winner: GM Joel Benjamin for review of New York 1927 by Alexander Alekhine – Chess Life – December, 2011    Certificate

Best Chess Magazine/Newsletter Layout
Winner: Chess Life, July 2011 – Daniel Lucas, editor    Certificate

Mainstream Media
Best Regular Newspaper Article of Local Interest
Winner: Forfeit by Disconnection Wins by Bill CornwallLos Angeles Times – March 11, 2012    Certificate
Honorable Mention: Aaron Wins State High School Championship with 6-0 Score at Saratoga Springs by Peter Henner    Certificate

Best Regular Newspaper Column
Winner: Americans Reach the Pinnacle by Bill CornwallLos Angeles Times - March 25, 2012    Certificate
Honorable Mention: Battle Between Teenage Grandmasters by Peter Henner - Altamont Enterprise, April 5, 2012    Certificate

Excellence in Chess Writing, Mainstream Media
New Media
Best Chess Blog
Winner: www.chessblog.comGM Alexandra Kosteniuk    Certificate

Best General Chess Website
Winner:    Certificate

Best USCF State Chapter Website
Winner:    Certificate
Honorable Mention:    Certificate

Best Tournament Report Article
Winner: Chess Burns in Iceland by Macauley Petersen - Chess Life – May, 2012    Certificate

News or Features
Best Analysis (correction 12-Sept_2012)
Winner (tie): Mikenas Benoni – IM Larry Evans and Cory EvansChess Life – September, 2011    Certificate
Winner (tie): Opposites Attract – David VigoritoChess Horizons – November, 2011    Certificate

Best Chess Art
Winner: Winding Down by Caroline KayeChess Life – April 2012    Certificate
Honorable Mention: Chess in Isolation by Martin BibbsChess Life – October 2011    Certificate

Best Historical Article
Winner: A Game of Considerable Ego Involvement by Neil BrennenChess Life – November, 2011    Certificate

Best Interview
Winner: Tale of a Winter Rating Spike: An Interview with Matthew Herman by WGM Jennifer ShahadeChess Life Online    Certificate

Most Notable Achievement in Correspondence Chess
Winner: Brave New World: Human Intuition by Howard Sandler, Ph.D. and the World TeamChess Life – August, 2011    Certificate

Best Chess Photojournalism
Winner: Krush/Seirawan – St. Louis Chess Club (no photographer named) -  Chess Life – July, 2011    Certificate

Top Five
Best Chess Column
Winner: Novice Nook by NM Dan    Certificate

Best State Magazine – Newsletter
Winner: Georgia Chess by Mark Taylor, et al.    Certificate

Best Story of the Year
Winner: “I Must Tell You …” by Al LawrenceChess Life – July, 2011    Certificate
Honorable Mention: Tenacious by Al LawrenceChess Life – January, 2012    Certificate

Chess Journalist of the Year
Winner: Mike Klein    Certificate

Best Book
Winner: The United States Chess Championship, 1845 – 2011 by GM Andy Soltis, published by McFarland Publishing    Certificate

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