President's Message

August 1, 2007


I'm honored to have presided over an unprecedented two years of growth for CJA. With fewer than 80 paid members when I took office, we've increased over 68% to 135. Our awards competition, while the categories have been streamlined, has expanded both in terms of quantity and quality of entrants, with the winners and honorable mentions being recognized with certificates they can be proud to display. Our bottom line is at a peak of $5854; the Dow may not hold its record high, but I believe we will, and grow even more.

Such people as Howard Goldowsky, who established an Outreach Committee to make contact with mainstream journalists, Pete Tamburro as awards chair and Chief Judge of CJA awards, Rusty Miller as Ethics chair, John Hillery as editor of The Chess Journalist, and Secretary/Treasurer Randy Hough have worked hard for the furtherance of chess journalism. Having overcome some serious health problems, I anticipate renewing my vigorous membership recruitment efforts, starting with the U.S. Open.

Anyone who hears a siren song of "resolution of conflicts and progress on the positive growth of CJA" needs to consider the source. This source claims to perceive the tendency of "those in charge to target critics with personal attacks." In reality, the personal attacks have emanated largely from just this source, our vice president. A bare few of them, and amusing examples of his mental state, are cited on Their dissemination outside the organization has hardly helped our credibility.

Of course, I want to end on a positive note. If reelected, I look forward to working with the other officers, the committee chairs, and anyone else who desires to enhance the stature of chess journalism in the United States.

Best wishes,
Jerry Hanken


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