Old State Chess Bulletins Contest

From Life Member Peter Tamburro:

"Let's have some fun! Let's ask CJA members to send in scans of the earliest state chess bulletin they can find. I'll start!" (non-state magazines of interest are accepted)

Sent by Pete Tamburro:
Illinois Chess Bulletin, Sept-Oct 1935 (cover)
Illinois Chess Bulletin, Sept-Oct 1935 (inside pages)
New Jersey, March 1940 (cover)
New Jersey, March 1940 (inside page)
Chess Review (first issue), January 1933 (cover)
Chess Review (first issue), January 1933 (index)
Chess Review (first issue), January 1933 (page 2)
CCLA Bulletin, July-August 1936 (cover)
CCLA Bulletin, July-August 1936 (index)
Jersey Chess (New Jersey), November 1938 (cover)
Sent by Russell (Rusty) Miller :
Puget Sound Chess News, Sept 1946 "... a scan of what I believe to be the first issue, part of the first page and there was only 1 sheet printed on one side of this first issue. This led to the Everett Chess Letter which led to the Washington Chess Letter then the Northwest Chess Letter and to now what is today Northwest Chess one of few monthly chess publications in the USA and has been a monthly since the Washington Chess Letter started in 1948. The Puget Sound Chess news mostly gave news of the Puget Sound League matches." ... Rusty Miller
Washington Chess Letter, Dec. 1947


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