Elections Committee "Report"

August 10, 2007

There was no formal report from the Elections Committee. The election results were reported on the CJA web site on 1 Aug 2007 based on informal information. Here are the actual vote counts, as recorded by CJA Secretary/Treasurer Randy Hough. Note that the committee chair Arlen Walker was unable to attend the meeting at the last moment due to a family emergency, so he arranged for Pete Tamburro to receive a shipment of the votes cast so he could open them during the CJA meeting to count the votes received. The votes were counted in a room separate from the CJA meeting while being observed by several CJA members, including Randy Hough and Ira Lee Riddle.


    Jerry Hanken 33
    Ira Lee Riddle (write-in) 14

Vice President:
    Ira Lee Riddle 39
    Daren Dillinger (write-in) 4
    Jerry Hanken (write-in) 1
    J. Franklin Campell (write-in) 1
    Haywood Drutowski (write-in) 1

    Randy Hough 34
    Daren Dillinger 14


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