Peter Tamburro
2006 Chess Journalist of the Year

Chess Journalist of the Year for 2006

Peter Tamburro

Congratulations to Peter Tamburro on being named the Chess Journalist of the Year for the year 2006.

Following is a resume of many of Pete's contributions to the chess community that led to this well-deserved recognition.

  1. Star-Ledger weekly chess columnist (a former CJA award winning column as best column of local interest).
  2. Chess-bytes, the reprints of his nationally syndicated chess column for the USCF, still appears on the website. (also a former CJA award winning column as best regular chess column)
  3. Host of show, "Openings for Amateurs"-often the highest rated flash lecture show on the site.
  4. Host of an Openings for Amateurs message board with over 1,000 opening topics and 10,000 posts. Can be found at:
  5. Feature writer for Chess Life: has written for Chess Life since 1973. This year has done book reviews, tournament reports, and election stories.
  6. Editor for the Kasparov Chess Foundation's three volume Teaching Chess Step by Step , aimed at providing curriculum materials for chess teachers and classroom teachers who don't know how to play chess. Has written in the first volume a set of behavioral objectives for chess for curricular proposals.
  7. Former CJA president who found the right person to create a new chess website for the CJA, was Chief Judge, yet again for the CJA awards.
  8. Chairman of the Cramer Committee who was also responsible for bringing the CJA and Cramer awards together.
  9. Web editor for the New Jersey State Chess Federation website which can be found at:
  10. Feature writer for the new Chess Life For Kids, the second time in association with Glenn Petersen in helping him start a new publication, the first being the Atlantic Chess News back in 1973, for which he later served as editor.
  11. Second printing of his Learn Chess from the Greats is still in print.
  12. Commentator for ICC's live coverage of tournaments.

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