Chess Journalists of America

Nominees for "Chess Journalist of the Year" Award for 2003

Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson has been a noted chess bookseller and author for over 25 years. During the last decade he has become increasingly interested in teaching chess to children, and now runs highly regarded chess programs at Friends Seminary, City and Country School, Village Community School and Metropolitan Montessori School, and Grace Church School, all in New York City.

He has authored nine books: A Picture History of Chess (1981, now out of print), 101 Questions on How to Play Chess (Dover, 1994), 202 Surprising Checkmates (with Bruce Alberston, Dover Publishing, 1998,), 303 Tricky Checkmates (with Bruce Alberston, Cardoza Publishing, 1998), 303 Tricky Chess Tactics (with Bruce Alberston, Cardoza Publishing, 1998,), 303 Tactical Chess Puzzles (with Bruce Alberston,Sterling Publishing, 2002, ), 200 Checkmates for Children (with Bruce Alberston, Fred Wilson Books, 1999, ) and edited 2 others: Classical Chess Matches: 1907-1913 (1975, now out-of-print) and Lesser-Known Chess Masterpieces: 1906-1915 (1976, now out-of-print).

This year, on his live internet radio show "Chess & Books with Fred Wilson", on chess.fm, he has done 1-2 hour live interviews with the following chess stars: GM Lev Alburt (twice), Bruce Pandolfini (twice), GM Andy Soltis (twice), IM John Donaldson (twice), GM Arthur Bisguier (twice, as of 7/2/03), GM Ron Henley (twice), GM John Fedorowicz (three times), GM Larry Christiansen, GM Joel Benjamin, Andy Ansel (noted chess book collector), Hanon Russell, IM Victor Frias, M Bruce Alberston, FM Hal Bogner, FM Asa Hoffman, Tag M. Taghian, IM Anna Hahn (US Woman's Champion), IM Jennifer Shahade (former US Woman's Champion), GM Michael Rohde, GM Patrick Wolff, IM John Watson, GM Alexander Baburin, GM Maurice Ashley, Frank Brady

Jerry Hanken

Short term
  • 10 major articles in Chess Life during 2002
  • Over 100 articles in Chess Life, first appearing in 1957
  • Covered most major tournaments for Chess Life (e.g., World Open and U.S. Open) during last nine years
  • Work appears in anthologies Best of Chess Life & Review and Computer Chess
  • Work has also appeared in English magazine Chess, Chess Chow, and many state magazines
  • Revenge of the Creature (computer article) was translated into five languages
  • Also published reminiscences of Fischer
  • Dual CJA/Cramer (separate competitions) Journalist of Year winner in 1997
  • Many CJA awards in tournament report, humor, human interest, and interview (notably 1996 with U.S. Open winner Yermolinsky) categories
  • Introduced genres of battles versus computers and "parting with the lady" (queen sacrifices)
  • Invented concept of humorous sidebar in tournament bulletins; over 200 "Hanken's Corner" published since 1990
  • Another new concept: interviews/profiles of regular tournament class players

Ira Lee Riddle

  • 22 years as editor of PennsWoodPusher, never missing a deadline or issue
  • 21 years as publisher of the PennsWoodPusher, printing collating, sorting and mailing
  • 6 years as president of the CJA-only three term president to date
  • Co-winner for Best Review in CJA Awards
  • Over 3 years as editor/publisher of The Chess Journalist
  • 20+ articles in Chess Life
  • 5 times CJA Chief Judge, many other times member of judging panel
  • Gave Alex Dunne his start in chess writing by publishing a colulmn by him in the PWP (Alex has won the CJA Journalist of the Year award and is still a regular columnist for Chess Life, PWP, and several other publications)
  • Book reviewer for Pennswoodpusher
  • Co-editor of the Official Rules of Chess, 4th edition
  • Author of "TD Corner" in the Ratings Supplement for about 5 years

Tony Rook (Tony Heinz)

  • Founder of chess.fm internet radio site this past year.
  • Does live shows of important tournaments around the world. Among the over one dozen in the past year have been Chessmaster 9000 v. Larry Christiansen, European Championships, Linares, Corus, U.S. Championships, Kasparov v. Karpov
  • Has created a site that has, in addition to live tournament coverage, live interviews, instructional on-demand shows, readings from chess classics and call-in shows.
  • Over 80,000 chess fans from around the world have tuned in.
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