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Squares chess magazine

by Daren Dillinger

The first issue Spring 2003, of Squares magazine is now out. Bob Long and the entire crew at Thinkers' Press, put their decades of chess publishing experience to good use. The result impressed me all in all areas. Squares is a welcome addition to the small group of major chess magazines. It is not another "Chess Life", nor is it another "New in Chess". It does not try to be. Perhaps it should be called a "New & Old in Chess" magazine. It maps out its own ground with current stuff like the Opening article on the King's Indian Defense by IM Andrew Martin. A nice piece on the Konig Memorial tournament ( from September, 2002) and a healthy selection of top games. Senior Editor Long keeps us updated computer wise, with "The Fear of Using Chess Software".

There is also a good bit of great sentimental old stuff, with segments by John Hilbert, John Donaldson and others. I like the historical piece on Louis Paulsen, with insightful notes on old master games.

Where else would you find a review on Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe? Reviewer Bob Long comments "Rex Stout was one of the few detective-mystery writers to write intelligently on chess and chess players."

Another theme of the magazine is to give you selected segments from other great published works by Korchnoi, John Nunn, Alex Suetin, etc.

Topping it all off, is that the appearance is slick and high quality. Photos and graphics are very well done, published on high quality paper like Sports Illustrated magazine.

To see what's coming next issue, order one issue or subscribe, go to their Web site: http://www.squares64.com

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