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Daniel Lucas, Chess Life Editor
Chess Life Editor Daniel Lucas

17 September 2014: CJA Member to run New York City Marathon to raise money for scholastic chess

Daniel Lucas, CJA member, USCF Director of Publications and Chess Life Editor, is attempting to raise $3,750 to support scholastic chess by running in this year's New York City Marathon November 2, 2014. Not new to running marathons, he is hoping to raise awareness of USCF along with some money to support programs for scholastic chess.

You can read more details on the USCF site and make a contribution at the site.

16 August 2014: Updated Membership List

Our Secretary/Treasurer Randall Hough has provided an updated CJA membership list, effective 16 August 2014. It is now available on the Membership List page.

CJA Annual Meeting 2014, Chess Life editor Daniel Lucas and USChess Online Editor Jenifer Shahade
Lucas and Shahade at Meeting

5 August 2014: Agenda for Annual Meeting

CJA President Frank Niro has provided the agenda used for the recent CJA Annual Meeting along with a few photos from the meeting. More information on the CJA meeting should be available in the future.

See: 2014 Annual Meeting Agenda

1 August 2014: Winners of the Annual CJA Chess Journalism Awards Announced

The winners of the annual CJA Awards were announced today during the annual CJA meeting.

See: 2014 Award Winners

Awards Committee Chairman and Chief Judge Joshua Anderson has sent this message:

            I once again had the honor of presiding over the Chess Journalist of America’s award competition.  The task brings with it the pleasure of working with journalists and chess players throughout the country.  It also means getting to work with a large group of judges qualified in a great variety of fields.
          The judges this year were:  Dan Heisman, J. Franklin Campbell (who also is a tremendous help with all the computer/website work), Peter Minear, Rodion Rubenchik, Dov Gorman, Peter Tamburro, Mark Taylor, Dan Lucas, Al Lawrence, Myron and Rachel Lieberman, Howard Goldowsky, Eric Johnson, Jeff Roland, Eric Holcomb, Harvey Lerman, David Sands, Matthew Bengtson, Randy Hough, Adam Caveny, John J. Dill, Keith Ammann, GM Andy Soltis, IM Anthony Saidy, IM John Donaldson, Rob Fusco, John Hartmann, Paul Fielding, Neil Brennan.   Among this diverse group, one can find experts in any field.
           This task, though a great privilege and pleasure, and one I look forward to continuing next year, is rather time consuming.  I am fortunate to have family and friends who help me meet the continued real world challenges.  This year, Sally Schuster, Debra Downing, and Simon Varner, deserve special mention for their help.  More important than all of this help is the patience and understanding of my wife Brandy, and to her I give the biggest thank you of all.

30 July 2014: Annual CJA Members' Meeting on Friday 1 August 2014

This could be an important meeting for CJA, and all members and interested parties are encouraged to attend. The USCF Call to Delegates document contains a schedule for all meetings. The annual CJA meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm local time on Friday, Aug. 1 at the site of the U.S. Open Championship. Two other meetings of possible interest to CJA members are the Publications meeting at 1:00pm just before the CJA meeting in the same meeting room. At 3:00pm immediately following the CJA meeting (but apparently in a different meeting room) is the Website Advisory meeting.

For the complete meeting schedule from the Delegate's Call click here.

I invite those who attend the CJA meeting to send comments, reports and photos for publication on this web site. Send comments and photos (in any digital format) to Contact Webmaster

30 July 2014: Archive of old CJA news re-organized

This CJA web site became active in early 2000. As time passed, news stories kept being added to the home page and the page became rather lengthy. Eventually all the news items before 2010 were move to a separate archive page. New there are two additional archive pages for the news of 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. The links to the archive pages are listed at the bottom of the home page and each archive page:

Pre-2010 News   2010&2011 News   2012&2013 News

28 July 2014: The Minutes for the 2013 Annual Meeting is now available

The 2013 Minutes has been added to the Annual CJA Meetings page.

5 July 2014: Entries Received list updated

The list of entries received for the annual CJA Awards competition has been updated and should now be complete. See: 2014 Entries Received

9 June 2014: From the CJA Awards Chairman:

Deadline for annual CJA Awards competition extended to June 30, 2014.

If you wish to send an entry for the 2014 CJA Awards competition there is still time. The entry date has been extended to Monday, June 30, 2014. The original announcement of the awards program is at 2014 Awards Program Announcement and has been updated with this new deadline date.

26 April 2014: Annual CJA Awards Program Announced

Joshua Anderson, the Chairman of the CJA Awards Committee and Chief Judge, has announced the call for entries to the 2014 Annual CJA Chess Journalism Awards. The categories for entries are the same as last year. For the full announcement go to 2014 Awards Program Announcement.

2 March 2014: The Chess Journalist Winter 2013

Interim Editor of the CJA journal The Chess Journalist Mark Taylor has mailed the latest copy of our journal dated Winter 2013. Most members should have received their copy by now. This issue will be made available for download from The Chess Journalist page about March 14, 2014.

25 February 2014: Revisions to Membership List

Several additions and corrections have been made to the Membership List page dated 14 February 2014. Any additional errors/omisions should be reported to the Secretary/Treasurer Randall Hough, His contact information is available on the Directory of Officials page.

14 February 2014: Updated Membership List

Our Secretary/Treasurer Randall Hough has provided an updated CJA membership list, effective 14 February 2014. It is now available on the Membership List page.

Pre-2010 News   2010&2011 News   2012&2013 News

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